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Gourmet Corp.
Japanese 美食會
Romanized Bishokukai
English Gourmet Corps.
Leader Midora
Base of Operations Sea Mountain
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 18
Anime Episode 2
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The Gourmet Corp. (美食會 Bishokukai) is a criminal organization bent on stealing and poaching rare ingredients for their own benefit. Their goal is to eventually control all of the world's ingredients and establish a "Gourmet Empire"; the key ingredient being GOD.

Many of the Gourmet Corp.'s members are enhanced with Gourmet Cells, and they eat stolen ingredients to enhance their fighting power. As a result, the organization's ranks include some of the strongest fighters in the world, and many have monstrous appearances and abilities.

Recently, the Gourmet Corp. have refocused their operations on the Gourmet World in search of GOD and other ingredients that will increase the power of their Gourmet Cells. This will require kidnapping skilled cooks to prepare these ingredients, so the Gourmet Corp. are specifically targeting the top one hundred cooks listed in the media.


The Gourmet Corp. maintains bases in both the Human and Gourmet Worlds. The Gourmet Corp. Headquarters, a massive castle, is located in the Forest of Sorrow "Thorn Wood". The Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen is another castle on a thin landmass stretched high above an ocean. The trash that it litters into this ocean forms its own landmass and habitat, the Dust Zone. This may be a reference to the real-life Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean.

Another major base is located in the Gourmet World. It appears as an enormous 'bulb' at the end of a long stalk protruding into the clouds, guarded by huge numbers of monstrous flying beasts. This facility appears to be a major center for processing chefs the Gourmet Corp. have kidnapped and enslaved. It may have additional importance, as Midora himself, as well as most of the organization's top management, were present there during Ichiryu's visit.

Positions, Ranks and Organization[]

Members of the Bishokukai

A few of the first members of the Gourmet Corp. that were capable of entering the Gourmet World (Kuromado, Starjun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod, Elg, and Limon). Currently now more than dozens of members can now enter the Gourmet World.

The Gourmet Corp. is a hierarchical organization with many ranks and positions; several based on cooking-related occupations. The highest ranks, those above Branch Chief, administer the organization and are primarily concerned with hunting and cooking rare ingredients for the Boss. Below this level, the Gourmet Corp. is organized into various branches concerned with logistically supporting the organization and the operations of the higher ranks.

  • The highest rank within the Gourmet Corp. is Boss (ボス Bosu) which is the head of the organization and its strongest member.
  • The Executive Chef (総料理長 Sō Ryōrichō) is the highest ranked chef within the Gourmet Corp. and has administrative control over all lower ranking chefs. The Executive Chef is also a powerful fighter that may partake in missions of great importance. The Executive Chef also has a personal Assistant (総料理長補佐 Sō Ryōrichō Hosa) who relays orders on his behalf and may oversee activities of lower ranked members.
  • The Head Chefs (料理長 Ryōrichō) are the highest ranked chefs below the Executive Chef himself and oversee the operations of all lower ranking chefs and food preparation. The Head Chefs are also powerful fighters that may partake in missions of great importance.
  • The Sous Chefs (副料理長 Fuku Ryōrichō) have the highest authority below the Head Chefs, usually issuing orders to lower ranks and are highly feared and respected within the organization. When required, they serve as some of the Gourmet Corp.'s strongest front line fighters and Gourmet Hunters. Though rarely seen doing so, they do appear to occasionally involve themselves in food preparation.
  • The Branch Chiefs (支部長 Shibu-chō) head the individual branches of the Gourmet Corp.; each is in charge of an important aspect of the organization's needs such as training, intel, cookware supply, or food procurement.
  • The Garçon (ギャルソン Gyaruson) is the Boss's personal aid and waiter who performs duties on the Boss's behalf and serves his meals. The Waiter may also act as a fighter for the organization. The Waiter is highly respected as a messenger of the boss and even Branch Chiefs are humbled by the Waiter's position and power.
  • The Sommelier (ソムリエール Somuriēru) is responsible for wine preparation and food matching for the Boss and may also act as a fighter for the organization.
  • The Bartender (バーテンダー Bātendā) is responsible for the preparation of alcoholic beverages and cocktails for the Boss. The Bartender may also act as a fighter for the organization.
  • The Exclusive Saiseiya (専属再生屋 Senzoku Saisei-ya) is the organization's main Saiseiya, reviving exhausted ingredient sources and preserving them for the Gourmet Corp.'s continued usage. It is unclear where this rank falls in the greater Gourmet Corp. hierarchy.
  • The Food Development Chief (食品開発室長 Shokuhin Kaihatsu Shitsuchō) is responsible for overseeing the development of food. The only known holder of this position is Mamymaron who is also tasked with the preparation of desserts for the boss and may also act as a fighter if needed.
  • The Food Management Chief (食品管理室長 Shokuhin Kanri Shitsuchō) is responsible for overseeing the management of food. The only known holder of this position was Zaragira who would also act as a fighter when needed.
  • The Talent Scout (スカウトマン Sukautoman) is in charge of seeking out talented individuals worthy of being recruited or forced to join the organization.
  • The "Chefs" of lower rank within the organization are made up of both monstrous and ordinary chefs who either willingly joined or were kidnapped and forced to serve the Gourmet Corp.. Some chefs may have more influence than others depending on their willingness to serve.
  • The "Mechanic" is in charge of the engineering department and oversees the construction and development of new technologies.
  • Below the rest are numerous subordinates which are part of the numerous branches, such as the 6th Branch's "Food Procurement Team" which includes various low level henchmen, workers and Gourmet Hunters.


There are three main weapons known to be used by the Gourmet Corp. as an executive force for the organization of some sorts, two of which are Living Weapons. They are not included in the ranking of the organization, but with their numbers they maintain the influence the Gourmet Corp. has over the Human World.

GT Robos and Nitros are known to be sent out by the organization individually to fulfill tasks like capturing ingredients and kidnapping cooks, but until recently they weren't sent out in huge numbers. Lye-Beasts are artificial animal hybrids created by the organization for combat purposes. Their physical appearance and strength varies but all are clearly dangerous beings.


Gourmet Corp.
StajyunHS GrinparchHS TommyrodHS YuHS JerryBoyHS
"Sous Chef"
"Sous Chef"
"Sous Chef"
"Branch Chief"
"Branch Chief"
Jerry Boy
BarrygamonHS BoggieWoodsHS SedoruHS AlfaroHS LimonHS
"Branch Chief"
"Branch Chief"
Bogie Woods
"Branch Chief"
FaramGC MamymaronGC OotakeHS BileMS MumimumiMS
"Chief of Food Development "
BeiHS ZaiperHS DohsaHS
"Food Procurement Team"
"Food Procurement Team"
"Food Procurement Team"
GolemHS JackHS StajyunBeastHS Niceny's BeastHM ChiyoBeastHS
Scum Beasts Jack Starjun's Beast Niceny's Beast Chiyo's Beast
BigBangSharkHS 220 NitroGC
Big Bang Shark Cage Beast Nitro
Unknown Members
UnknownBishokukai4 Capture 2014 11 16 16 53 14 193 Capture 2014 11 16 16 53 22 511 Capture 2014 11 16 16 54 20 997 Capture 2014 11 16 16 54 31 515
???? ???? ???? ???? ????
Capture 2014 11 16 16 54 42 131 Capture 2014 11 16 16 59 49 767 Capture 2014 11 16 16 59 59 717 Capture 2014 11 16 17 00 05 268
???? ???? ???? ????
Former Members
MidoraHS DoresMS NicenyHS KuromadoHS Boneless
"Executive Chef"
"Aid to Executive Chef"
"Head Chef"
"Head Chef"
KariuGC KaitoraHS JoejoeHS ElgHS ZaragiraGC
"Head Chef"
"Exclusive Saiseiya"
"Branch Chief"
"Chief of Food Management"
GurGC GidoHS ChiyoHS RyouteiMS GirimGC
"Talent Scout"
"Food Procurement Team"
"Sous Chef"
"Special Cooking Adviser"

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