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Dining Kitchen
Bishokukai Dining Kitchen2.jpg
Japanese ダイニングキッチン
Romanized Dainingu kitchin
Location Human World, above Dust Zone
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 156
Anime Episode 83
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The Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen, also known as "The Devil's Kitchen" is one of the Gourmet Corp.'s many bases of operation and it is here where they prepare the food for the boss and other members of the Gourmet Corp., it is also here where they have been secretly mass producing a new line of giant GT Robos. It is located in a remote and unknown region of the Human World and it is one of the many Human World bases the Gourmet Corp. used before moving their efforts into the Gourmet World. This is the place where the kidnapped cooks are first gathered and then sent to the Gourmet World headquarters of the Gourmet Corp..


The Dining Kitchen is located high above the clouds on what seems to be a bended mountain bridge with huge holes beneath it, where the cooks throw away garbage, such as rotten food, scraps and leftovers. They throw away tens of thousands of tons worth of garbage regularly and it all falls like rain to the ocean below, forming a landmass made entirely of garbage and rotten food underneath the Dining Kitchen called "Dust Zone".

The main building atop the mountain bridge hasn't been clearly seen, but it appears to be a large castle, similar to the other many headquarters used by the Gourmet Corp. in the Human World. The inside of the Dining Kitchen seems to be a huge kitchen with many Gourmet Corp. chefs working within and there are also many huge cooking utensils which are used by giant GT Robos. It also has a platform for air transport where animals that can fly can land and stay there. It also has a lounge room, which one can reach through an elevator, where the top members of the Gourmet Corp. rest. There is also a prison area where they keep many of the kidnapped chefs before transferring them to Gourmet World.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

The Dining Kitchen was first shown when Niceny (Assistant to the Executive Chef) came to check on the status of the chef procurement plan, to see if enough chefs had been gathered to be used as slaves in the Gourmet World and to also check up on the status of their GT Robo army. He then requested to Tommyrod and Starjun (who were resting up at the Dining Kitchen) to transfer over to the Gourmet World as the Gourmet Corp. would soon be moving all their efforts there and would soon have no need of the Human World. Niceny also informed them that the higher ups wanted more skilled chefs to be gathered soon, however Starjun commented it would not be easy to get them all to their high ranking status, however Niceney suggested the use of some Nitros to go for the 7-rated and above star restaurants chefs to be kidnapped since they would be good enough for their efforts, Starjun then replied that even outside of the 7-star and above chef rankings, there are plenty of skilled chefs worthy of being kidnapped.

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