Gourmet Department Store
Japanese グルメデパート
Romanized Gurume Depāto
Location Gourmet Town
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 64
Anime Episode 23
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The Gourmet Department Store (グルメデパート Gurume Depāto) is a popular shopping mall located in Gourmet Town. It contains a wide variety of stores that sell all manner of cooking supplies and appliances, such as pots, pans, cases, stoves, knives, spatulas, utensils, etc. The items they sell are both of average and the highest and most expensive quality, such as the world famous Kuriboh Pots made by the famed pot artisan Kuriboh, and the finest knives in the world, the Melk Kitchen Knives crafted by the the world's greatest knife sharpener, Melk the Second. Because of the valuable merchandise, the store may become the target of Gourmet Robbers.

Toriko and Komatsu pay a visit to the Gourmet Department Store during their stay in Gourmet Town. It is here where they meet Setsuno and Colonel Mokkoi for the first time. Setsuno also thwarts a group of Gourmet Robbers who attempts to loot the store right before meeting Toriko.

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