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A town near the coast of the continent where Toriko lives, this is the town that Coco lives in, telling fortunes and protecting the citizens from wild beasts. Coco actually lives outside the town on a stone cliff that can only be reached by assistance from Coco's Emperor Crow, Kiss. He lives like this so as not to expose the town folk to his "poison".[1]




Gourmet Fortune Station.png
Gourmet Fortune train station
Gourmet Fortune1.png
Gourmet Fortune2.png
Gourmet Fortune seen from afar
Coco's Fortune Shop.png
Coco's shop's banner
Gourmet Fortune Icon.png
Town's warning sign

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • The town's overall design in the anime does not resemble its design in the manga, where it appears to be a simple town with modest buildings, smokestacks and dirt streets and roads, while in the anime the town is mostly made up of tall modern concrete buildings with cement paved-roads and streets.
  • The anime shows the town as having signs that warn of beast attacks.