Gourmet Garden
Gourmet Garden
Japanese グルメの園
Romanized Gurume no Sono
English Gourmet Garden
Aliases Sector G
Location Area 4
Affiliation EARTH
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 246
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The Gourmet Garden (グルメの園 Gurume no Sono) is the Sector G of Gourmet World and it is located within Area 4, the largest continent on the planet. Acacia's dessert EARTH can be obtained here and is guarded by the Snake King.


It is a vast and beautiful glowing valley containing numerous diverse flowers that are constantly being showered in a brilliant light.

Its vast network of roots stretches across the world, absorbing sweetness and using it to grow EARTH.[1]


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Yosaku and Manan of the Biotope 0 are assigned to capture EARTH within this area, but their task is eventually interrupted by Kaitora of the Gourmet Corp. and his team of Red Nitro.[2] In the end, Kaitora proves victorious when he reveals that he is actually with NEO, and Yosaku is stabbed in the back.[3]


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Sunny and Livebearer are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture EARTH in the Gourmet Garden.

A piece of Neo lands in the Gourmet Garden and faces the Snake King.[4] The creature is devouring flowers when it realizes it has been eaten and is being digested by the Snake King.[5] While the Snake King was distracted with Neo, Sunny and Livebearer were able to obtain EARTH, which Yosaku had successfully revived.[6]


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