Gourmet Highway
A Gourmet Highway.pngA typical example of a Gourmet Highway which avoids the dangers
Japanese 美食街道
Romanized Bishoku Kaidō
Location Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 277 (mentioned)
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Gourmet Highways are special paths that have formed in the Gourmet World since ancient times. This paths were created by beasts who traveled through Gourmet World by avoiding the harsh environments and the Eight Kings. The paths are considerably safer than elsewhere in the Gourmet World, as they have minimum number of obstacles though some even have dangerous places in them. These paths do not cover the whole Gourmet World but still cover a considerable distance. Entering a Gourmet Highway is not easy and one must possess exceptional Food Luck if they are to stumble into one. The Gourmet Highways also connect the Seven Civilizations of the Gourmet World.

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