The Gourmet Living Legends (美食人間国宝 Bishoku Ningen Kokuhō) are the most priceless human treasures of the Gourmet Age, each being the masters of their respective profession and keepers of all the vast knowledge pertaining to each of their fields.


Gourmet Living Legends
SetsunoMS ChinchinGC MalismanGC MohyanGC
Setsuno Chin Chinchin Malisman Mohyan Shaishai

  • Setsuno: The first revealed member and one of the world's greatest chefs who has discovered countless cooking methods and preparation techniques and is the currently ranked number 2 on the IGO Chef Ranking. She is also known for forming a combo with the legendary “Knocking Master” Jiro.
  • Malisman: The third revealed member and the Gourmet Literary Master who has written many literary masterpieces that have conveyed the taste of food to many and she is also one of the members of the 0th Biotope.
  • Mohyan Shaishai: The fourth revealed member and the legendary master Saiseiya of unparalleled skill who had recently disappeared from public eye and joined forces with the dark organization NEO. It is currently unknown if he still maintains his position within the Living Legends.

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