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Gourmet Nobility
Gourmet Nobility.png
The "Gourmet Nobility", the Blue Nitro
Japanese グルメ貴族 (グルメきぞく)
Romanized Gurume Kizoku
English Gourmet Nobility
Aliases Gourmet Nobles
Affiliation Joie;
Gourmet World
Base of Operations Dining Planet
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 279
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The Gourmet Nobility (グルメ貴族 (グルメきぞく) Gurume Kizoku) refers to the extremely influential Blue Nitro individuals, that came from the Blue Universe in search for Neo. They are the overseers of Acacia's Full Course Menu, and those who injected the Earth with Gourmet Cells and created the Gourmet World. Long ago, they formed a pact with Acacia himself and the legendary chef Froese.

Because of their ancient status, having overseen Gourmet World since its inception, ruling over both Red Nitro and Humans at different times throughout history and apparently being direct servants of the progenitor of Gourmet Cells, the Blue Nitro can be considered the true rulers of the Earth.

The term is also likely used to refer to anyone deemed of noble class within the Gourmet Age.



The Gourmet Nobility was founded by the Blue Nitro who, unlike the Red Nitro, were made to have unwavering loyalty to the will of the Gourmet Cells and whose main goal was to cultivate Gourmet Planets and later to find and seal Neo. The Nobility would then use its power and influence to rule over or enslave all Red Nitro in order to further their goals. Red Nitro of great skill and use to the Nobles, such as the Flavor Sages were led into following them willingly by making them believe that furthering the Nobles' goals would be for the betterment of their nameless kind. The Nobles would use brutal methods to enslave Red Nitro, such as removing their vocal chords and turning them into mindless food gatherers. The Gourmet Nobility's desire for conquest and enslavement was not limited to just members of their own kind, but to Humans as well, having founded societies in the Human World in ancient times where humans were used as their slaves or as food. Even after their civilizations in the Human World fell, they would continue to enslave and capture humans for their use via their creation, the Four Beast which would enter the Human World every few centuries to gather humans for them. They would experiment on these humans via injecting them with Gourmet Cells, although the full reason for this is unknown, although it was likely done to make them into stronger slaves or make them more delicious.

Eventually, the Flavor Sages left the control of the Nobles, along with other Red Nitro, upon discovering their true goals, with the mutated human slaves escaping along with them. The former human slaves would go on to found the Seven Civilizations within Gourmet World and one of these civilizations would become the Kingdom of Hope in Area 7 where Humans, Red Nitros and the Area's native Monkey Restaurant would live together in harmony. Despite this newfound hope among the slaves, the Gourmet Nobility would not stand for such rebellion and tried to take back their slaves, however these civilizations were built within the shadows of the mighty Eight Kings which impeded their progress. However, they eventually found a way to at least eliminate the Kingdom of Hope by destroying the monkey murals of the Monkey Restaurant and framing the people of the Kingdom. This caused the monkeys to rebel against the Kingdom and destroy it from within, bringing a tragic end to the civilization. The Nobles then began the next step in their plan by discovering ways to eliminate the Eight Kings, such as removing Heracles' food source AIR to prevent her from giving birth to an heir. At some point they also killed Kaka.

BB Corn Arc[]

The Gourmet Nobility are mentioned by Tom as a high-class gourmet society of the noble status from long ago and they were once the only individuals who had access to the delicious Blue Blood Corn which they used to eat all the time as a snack. The Blue Blood Corn was presumably named as such because of these blue blooded nobility. It is unknown though if these nobles are the Blue Nitros or if they were simply humans who bore the same title as them.[1]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

AIR was first seen leaping through the air and proceeded to stomp on Ichiryu when he was talking to Midora about the true enemy, ending his life. He tries to eat Ichiryu's body, but Midora, who frightens the creature away with his mighty presence, warns it that Ichiryu is of far too high a quality to be eaten by the likes of it. AIR fled afterwards, having easily slipped through Midora's Hungry Tongue.

AIR Arc[]

After Joie reached the mysterious Dining Planet, he was able to meet with the powerful Gourmet Nobility who sat around a meeting table placed on an immensely tall pillar. NEWS then pointed out that Joie was the second human to ever reach them after Froese. When Joie asked that if he was able to reach them because of his Food Luck and if his blossoming Food Luck was also due to the awakening of Acacia's Full Course, ANOTHER spoke up and told him that the course is indeed a condition for the awakening of Food Luck but it will be the impetus that will truly make Food Luck blossom. Joie with this information realizes that he cannot let anyone else claim the divine Full Course and calls his NEO subordinates to begin preparations, claiming that he shall take care of the course so the Nobles do not have to sully their hands. He then informs them that the "Ark" is now complete.

When Melk the First, Atashino and the Daruma Hermit visit the Atmosphere Garden, they talk about how they can help Heracles, one of the Eight Kings, survive its diet of consuming air. The Daruma Hermit says that they have the technology to harvest AIR however the Blue Nitro prevents them from being able to properly harvest to the point where the people of Area 8 have resorted to being nothing more than fertilizers for the Air Trees that Heracles needs in order to feed.

After the Heavenly Kings, Food Beast Knights and Komatsu successfully capture AIR, Heracles gives birth to a healthy foal and the Rainbow Bridges form across the Gourmet World, reviving the legend known as Herac's Response. When Heracles' Foal performed the sacred ritual, the whole world felt its call, including the Blue Nitro. When day turned into night upon Area 8, the people of Hex Food World feasted on Acacia's salad AIR. When the Daruma Hermit told the history of the Nitro, he felt alarmed as the Blue Nitro did not attempt to take the Food King AIR. However, unknown to everyone, the Blue Nitro did not take AIR but instead gave the task to NEO to take the ingredient when it has been prepared properly.

PAIR Arc[]

In the Dining Planet, Joie is conversing with NEWS and ANOTHER about Komatsu's ability to bring out 100% of the flavor in AIR. They marvel at the fact that even they didn't know how to bring out the 100% flavor of Acacia's salad. Joie volunteered to capture AIR, but was denied by one of the Gourmet Nobility since the countdown of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse has begun and it would be easier to steal it from them then when the world is eclipsed in darkness, by then the Gourmet Nobility's desire to see and taste all of Acacia's full course at 100% and gain its power will come to fruition. The mysterious Nitro PAIR then appears before them and reveals that he was the one who met Acacia at Area 7 and Toriko and Komatsu in Vegetable Sky. When one of the Blue Nitros asked him if he was interested in seeing how Toriko's group would acquire PAIR at 100%, PAIR admitted that after seeing them in the Human World's Vegetable Sky, he acknowledged that they made a good Combo but he doubted that they would be able the defeat the Monkey King.[2]


Sometime after failing to acquire PAIR, the Gourmet Nobility moved its operations to the Ends of the Earth, specifically the Farthest Kitchen to begin preparing the samples from Acacia's Full Course Menu they had acquired and begin feeding to the now transformed and demonic Acacia whose body is slowly being transformed by his Appetite Demon, Neo, whose gnawing hunger threatens to consume the world.

GOD Arc[]


There are at least eight known members of the Gourmet Nobility and all are Blue Nitros. Many of the members have clothing that is very similar to PAIR's, the Nitro Toriko and Komatsu met on Vegetable Sky.[2]

Gourmet Nobility
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