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Gourmet Research Laboratory
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Japanese 第1グルメ研究所
Romanized Dai 1 gurume kenkyūjo
Aliases Gourmet Research Facility
Location 1st Biotope
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO
Rin (chief)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 7
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The Gourmet Research Laboratory is where 30% of the world's gourmet ingredients are produced. It is located in the IGO's 1st Biotope and it is through here that one must go through to legally enter the wilds of the island. The head of this research facility and the one responsible for overseeing the 1st Biotope is the "Gourmet Research Chief" of the IGO, a position originally held by Mansam but was eventually passed on to Rin after his rise to the position of "President of the IGO".

Research Facility[]

The facility resembles a giant foodstuff production factory that handles a variety of ingredients, ranging from fruits to meats. However most of these ingredients are used for research study rather than for food distribution. Many of the ingredients produced are unknown to the populace at large as some are made through selective breeding and are then tested to see how their flavor and nutrition turns out.

Before entering the facility, it is required that visitors and employees take very thorough sterilization showers and have their clothes sterilized as well in order to avoid contaminating any of the ingredients.

52nd Basement Floor[]

The 52nd floor of the research facility.

Aside from the vast amounts of ingredients that are produced here, top secret experiments are also carried out 60 stories beneath the lab in the 52nd basement floor laboratory. The top secret experiments carried out here involve genetically altering ingredients and beasts through artificial means, mixing the DNA of fellow animals to create brand new species, and even reviving long dead species of beasts and ingredients through cloning. The creatures created through these experiments are referred to as Chain Animals and while the ethical and morale view point of these experiments may seem questionable, the researchers involved claim that it must be done for the sake of furthering Gourmet Research. The ethical and moral view point of these experiments would be a matter of concern for the general populace and it would put the lives of these "new" species in danger, as such, these experiments must be carried out with utmost security and secrecy.



Some time before his death, the IGO President Ichiryu stored secret food supplies within this research lab to be used to aid mankind should a disaster ever occur.

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu both came to this facility after Toriko was summoned to help track down the Regal Mammoth. After being sterilized, the duo went to the 52nd floor and saw the many chain animals that resided there.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Prior to the Cooking Festival, the Gourmet Research Laboratory began making a powerful species of animal called the Giraffebird which they would use to help protect Cooking Fest and the Human World from any attacks by the Gourmet Corp..

After the fall of the Meteor Spice, Mansam used the supplies Ichiryu had hidden in the lab some time ago to help ease the food shortage of the Human World.

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