Gourmet Robbers
Race Humans (all)
Gender Male (all)
Professional Status
Affiliation Each other
Occupation Robbers
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 23
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The Gourmet Robbers are a gang of three thieves who stole cooking supplies from the Gourmet Department Store in Gourmet Town.


They are all light-skinned men of average height who are dressed up in black, purple and gray ninja attire, including loose hoods that cover most of their faces except their eyes. On their backs they carry large green silk bags which they use to carry their stolen goods.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appear to be somewhat agile and are decent runners, however they are still ordinary humans who were no match against the likes of Setsuno.


Century Soup ArcEdit

The robbers go to the Gourmet Department Store and steal some cooking supplies. They were quickly stopped by the Gourmet National Treasure Setsuno who easily subdued the crooks and they were then taken away into custody.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Komatsu kidnapped by Gourmet Robbers

The Gourmet Robbers kidnapping Komatsu.


The Gourmet Robbers threatening Komatsu.

  • In the anime, they take Komatsu as a hostage in order to ensure their escape by threatening him with a meat tenderizer if Toriko got too close. Toriko chases them as they run for their lives until Setsuno stops them by knocking them out with her cane.
  • In the manga, Setsuno stopped them the moment they appeared by attacking them with her air pressure technique.