Gourmet Royale
Location Human World
Affiliation Kimera (sponsor)
Debut Appearance
Game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters
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The Gourmet Royale is a major beast battling competition where hunters and tamers from all over can bring their Animal Partners and have them battle it out for fabulous gourmet prizes and the title of strongest beast. The Gourmet Royale is sponsored by the wealthy entrepreneur, Mr. Kimera.


The Gourmet Royal has several shops where competitors can purchase items for battle or other uses. There also appears to be food shops where one can purchase gourmet ingredients.

Gourmet ArenaEdit


The Gourmet Arena.

The Gourmet Arena is a gigantic dome-covered stadium where entered beasts can battle it out to see who's the strongest. Surrounding the outside of the dome is a massive spectator seating where spectators can enjoy the battle. The purpose of the transparent dome is to prevent the attacks from the battles from hitting the spectators and is likely made from a similar material as the Gourmet Coliseum's dome, as both it and the arena share many similarities. The arena can hold beasts of almost any size, and matches can get quite intense within, continuing until one of the opponents is no longer able to battle, however the fights are not to the death and end as soon as an opposing beast is knocked out.


Competitors have the chance to win all manner of rare gourmet prizes, however prizes vary depending on each arena battle. If a competitor manages to win all the available prizes, they will receive a very special reward.


Below is a list of human competitors who entered their beasts in the Gourmet Royale.

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