Gourmet Security Guards
Japanese グルメ警備員 (グルメけいびいん)
Romanized Gurume Anchisukiru
Aliases Gourmet Security Guards
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 265
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Gourmet Security Guards are individual officers assigned to protect rare ingredients and any food distributing establishments that may be prone to theft. Since the fall of the Meteor Spice which caused the destruction of many of the resources within the Human World, ingredients have been replaced with Food Tablets and real ingredients have now become so rare and valued that stores must now lock up what few ingredients they have in reinforced glass cases, and Gourmet Security Guards are now positioned in stores that may hold these real ingredients to protect them from potential robberies. All Gourmet Security Guards carry rifles and nightsticks and wear guard uniforms.

All Gourmet Security Guards are given a "Constraint Ring" as part of their contracts to ensure that they stay loyal to their duties and it acts as a symbol of trust. If guards violate their contract during the course of work, the rings will explode, thus severing the finger the ring was on and the ring cannot be removed until their work is done.


Billion Bird ArcEdit


Two corrupt guards brutally steal from Suguru.

When a young boy named Suguru was given a free Starch Syrup Daikon by a kind store owner, the two guards stationed at the store took notice and followed Suguru into an ally where they proceeded to trip him and then demand that he give them his daikon, having been driven mad from hunger and blaming the current times for their actions. Suguru then took notice of one of the guards missing a finger with the guard explaining that his Constraint Ring blew up for having violated his contract due to trying to steal the daikon. However the guard did not care about his physical condition and expressed his willingness to sacrifice all his fingers for that food. Still Suguru refused to hand over the daikon and the guards then resorted to beating him until he dropped it.

The two corrupt guards get their just desserts.

They then ran off with the daikon and expressed their delight at finally stealing some real food, something they had hoped to accomplish since joining the guard. Luckily at that moment Toriko had finally returned from his trip into Gourmet World and began tossing ingredients all across the city for everyone to share, meanwhile a large chunk of meat he threw landed on the two guards, hurting them heavily.

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