Mushroom  Gourmet Show Window  Sushi
Gourmet Show Window Eps 30
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Type Soup Ingredient
Location Ice Hell
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 77
Episode 30
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The Gourmet Show Window was a frozen pillar of ice located in Ice Hell that inside contained countless ingredients from long ago that were placed there by ancient Gourmet Hunters in order to keep all their food treasures preserved. The ingredients within its icy interior are made up of ancient beasts, vegetables, fruits and other delicious ingredients that have long been extinct for centuries, making it truly a site to behold. The Gourmet Show Window along with the frozen Hellboros were the key ingredients in the making of the Century Soup, one of the greatest soups in the world. Every few years the caves within Ice Hell would heat up allowing for the ingredients within the Gourmet Show Window and the frozen Hellboros to slightly thaw and release their juices and liquid essence into a cavern beneath the caves that would gather and mix together to create the amazing Century Soup.

Due to the many years of releasing Century Soup, the Gourmet Show Window was running out of essence and would soon cease to exist and after its final release of Century Soup it was regrettably destroyed by Teppei the Saiseiya in hopes of extracting the last few drops within to hopefully use it to recreate the Century Soup with the aid of chef Komatsu who would go on to create a perfect recreation of the Century Soup.


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