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The Gourmet Solar Eclipse

The Gourmet Solar Eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs once every few centuries and upon its appearance the legendary holy ingredients from Acacia's Full Course Menu will become active, most notably GOD and once again show their true form within the Gourmet World. The eclipse itself can be considered the signal that signifies the re-emergence of GOD and because of this many famed and powerful figures await its occurrence to begin the race to acquire it and the other holy ingredients. However the occurrence of this eclipse is also a great omen, as the next eclipse to occur after 504 GA, will be the timer that signals the end of the Earth.

It is revealed that Gourmet Solar Eclipse is caused by massive lid-shaped Gourmet Satellites, that are used to regulate the temperature of the planet to cook it. These Gourmet Satellites were apparently made by the Nitro.

Fairy Tale[]

The Demon King that devours the sun.

There is an old fairy tale associated with the Gourmet Eclipse which tells that someday the sun will be devoured by a great Demon King of humongous proportions. This fairy tale was often told by the "Bishokushin" Acacia to his children as a bed time story. When his youngest son Midora questioned its validity when compared to other fairy tales that turned out to be true, such as that of the Four Beast, Acacia hastily dismissed it as just a simple fairy tale.

However, there is a dark truth to this tale, for on the day of the "last" Gourmet Eclipse, it is not the sun that shall be devoured, but the planet that shall be the main course, for once the eclipse occurs, the planet will finally be fully "cooked" and ready to explode, compressing all its good taste into gourmet materials and new ingredients, more delicious than ever, and continue the cycle of planetary rebirth.


Gourmet War[]

The Gourmet Eclipse's oncoming return.

The last time the eclipse occurred was over 500 years ago during the devastating Gourmet War where the legendary Bishokushin Acacia managed to acquire GOD and distribute it amongst all the world's leaders and armies thus ending the devastating 500-year war and ushering in the Gourmet Age.


During the current storyline 500 years after the Gourmet War, the eclipse was scheduled to occur once again in about 1 or 2 years according to the Gourmet Corp. who seek to acquire it in order to take control of the world's food resource and distribution. Doing so may begin another disastrous Gourmet War.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

After a year or so, Rala the Gourmet Astronomer of the 0th Biotope rounded down the time of the eclipse's occurrence within the next six months at the earliest, thus signifying the start of the race to acquire GOD before the Gourmet Corp. acquires it and begins another Gourmet War.

PAIR Arc[]

In the Dining Planet, two members of the Gourmet Nobles denied Joie the permission to capture PAIR himself until the countdown to the eclipse had begun. That would be the optimum opportunity to steal it and the other ingredients, when the world was in total darkness.