Gourmet Temple

Gourmet temple entrance
The entrance to the Gourmet Temple

Gou temple
The entrance to the Gourmet Temple

Japanese グルメ神社
Romanized Gurume-jinjya
Location Human World
Affiliation Pahpoh,
Gourmet Religion
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 145
Anime Episode 72
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Gourmet Temple (グルメ神社) is a location in the Human World where Acacia is worshiped and it is the primary symbol of the Gourmet Religion. It is incredibly large, stretching over 80,000 square kilometers, with a gate about 200 meters at the entrance. With an expanse of 8,000,000 hectares, it would take months to walk around it, so people rent Taxsheeps to move around the grounds. Around 9 billion people visit the temple regularly for gourmet prayers, food exorcisms and worship. About 300 events take place there on a yearly basis.

Points of InterestEdit

Food StandsEdit

Gourmet Shrine Stands

Visitors enjoying the food from the stands.

Near the entrance, there are a lot of food stands and famous chain stores. To set up a shop there, a person has to be incredibly lucky, as an extremely large amount of businesses seek a shop there. Thus, a monthly lottery is run which picks up only a few thousand businesses.

Holy SpringwaterEdit


The Holy Springwater

A giant natural spring in the middle of a small pond that releases pure and sparkling holy water that has a divine thirst quenching taste. One must wash their hands and mouths with this water before praying at each of the temples to complete Acacia's Full Course Pilgrimage.

Gourtree ForestEdit

Bish cedar

Gourtree Forest

A massive forest made up of the giant Gourtrees. It was here where Acacia's combo partner, Froese made her chopping board and many of her other legendary tools from these legendary trees. Because of this it is considered to have great symbolic meaning with the holy chef.


Toriko and Komatsu reaching Gourmet Shrine

The Main Temple.

Before one can visit the main temple where the gold statue of Acacia is, a person must pray at each of the food temples pertaining to each of Acacia's Full Course Menu items. Real food items are not really there, but instead have their names inscribed on the temples. There are only seven temples, instead of the standard eight (the Hors D'oeuvre was purposely hidden by Acacia for fear of what could be done with it should it fall into the wrong hands). Each of the temples are located far from each other in different areas of the Gourmet Temple's land and the only way to visit them all is via Taxsheep as well. The process of visiting and praying at these temples is known as "Acacia's Full Course Pilgrimage".

Main TempleEdit

  • Acacia's Statue, inside the main temple
  • Acacia's Statue
  • Acacia's "smile"

The main temple itself is even larger than the entrance gate and sports a giant staircase. It is the Gourmet Age's symbolic place of worship for Acacia. Inside the main temple is a golden life-sized statue of Acacia holding a platter with a lid; the dish he is holding most likely representing GOD. The interior of the building is beautifully decorated with all manner of golden ornaments that symbolize the spirituality of the temple.

Food Man CompetitionEdit

Foodman board

The Food Man cutting board.

The Food Man Competition is a festival held in front of the main temple once a year to decide the year's "Food Man". One of the events is removing a knife from a giant Bishoku Cedar cutting board which requires not only precision but a bit of Food Luck and skill as well, the winner earns the title of Food Man and wins a 1 year food coupon for everything in the entire temple. Another event involves finding the lucky fruit of the Bishoku Cedar; the lucky fruit has a special gold-colored seed and any fruit in the temple could be the lucky one and thus is another event that requires great Food Luck, the winner also wins the title of "Food Man".

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The size of the Temple's main entrance is severely toned down in the anime, being no bigger than a small building while in the manga it was easily the size of a mountain.



  • The Gourmet Temple is around the same size as Jalisco, the state of Mexico, which has a land size of 80,386 km².
  • The Gourmet Temple draws inspiration and many elements from Shintoism and Monotheism. As such, the Gourmet Temple's architecture is heavily inspired by Japanese Shinto temples.
  • Despite Froese's close connection with Acacia, she does not have her own temple, simply having the Bishoku Cedar Forest preserved in her memory.

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