Gourmet Town
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Ch257.pngGourmet Town after the fall of the Meteor Spice

Japanese グルメタウン
Romanized Gurume Taun
Aliases The Bellyful City
Location Human World
Affiliation Gourmet Towers
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 64
Anime Episode 24
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Gourmet Town, formerly known as the "Full-Stomach Metropolis" (満腹都市 Manpuku Toshi), was the largest city in the Human World. It is said that the number of visitors in Gourmet Town each day was over 25 million people. The city was sadly destroyed after Midora's attack on the Human World which completely annihilated everything within the city, leaving nothing of the once wondrous symbol of the Gourmet Age.

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Gourmet Town was originally the location of the Gourmet Towers its most notable attraction, which was filled with extravagant restaurants, including the only 10-star restaurants. This is also where the legendary chef Setsuno lived, maintaining her own kitchen and restaurant that was still superior to the restaurants of the Gourmet Towers before its destruction.

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