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Gourmet Train
Japanese グルメ列車
Romanized Gurume ressha
Type Train
Purpose To offer comfort, relaxation and gourmet ingredients while escorting passengers to their destination
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 4
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Gourmet Trains are luxury locomotives that serve quality gourmet meals and drinks while escorting their passengers to their destinations.

Known Gourmet TrainsEdit

Gourmet Fortune's TrainEdit

A steam locomotive which acts as comfortable transport to the town of Gourmet Fortune. It travels along elevated railways built over thin stretches of land high in the mountains leading to Gourmet Fortune. This train serves all manner of delicious liquors such as Cactus Jack Tequila and hearty meals and garnishes such as burgers and Platinum Lemon slices.

Bohno's Gourmet TrainEdit

Main article: Bohno's Gourmet Train

Bohno's Gourmet Train

A private luxury steam locomotive of gigantic size owned by the wealthy Fond De Bohno which he uses to travel along the railways of the Gattsuki Continent. It is equipped with several building-sized cars that serve as restaurants. He is also capable of transporting it outside the continent and using it along the railways of other parts of the Human World.

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