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The dreaded horror of the Gourmet War.

The Gourmet War (グルメ戦争, Gurume Sensō) was a devastating world war from over 500 years ago that lasted 100 years and nearly devastated the planet. Over 10 million died during the violent battles, and it was thus considered the worst-scale slaughter and destruction the world had ever seen.[1]

Countries bombarding each other.

The cause of this war was not due to politics, ideals, races or economics, but was something much more primitive; the war was a struggle for food, in a world of ever shrinking resources.

One of the many world leaders enlightened by GOD.

The sheer devastation caused for the sake of survival made many to believe the end of the world was at hand. The true catalyst for the war was due to the discovery of Gourmet Cells because of the unique properties they held, pushed the value of food to an all time high.[2]

Peace is finally achieved and Acacia looks onward to a new day.

However, it all soon came to an end, all due to one ingredient that was offered to all kings and prime ministers of every country of the world by the Bishokushin, Acacia. The ingredient that was offered to them was the phantasmal holy ingredient known as GOD, the pinnacle of all ingredients and the greatest dish in the world. The enlightening flavor of this miraculous ingredient opened the eyes and hearts of all the world leaders and armies, allowing them to realize the foolishness of their violent and greed-filled actions, and their wish to see a tomorrow where everyone could eat such a wonderful meal again in a peaceful world. The madness that had filled the world soon disappeared and true peace was made between the warring nations, bringing forth what would soon be known as the "Gourmet Age".[1]


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