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Gourmet World (グルメ界, Gurume-kai) is the name given to a region consisting of over 70% of the Earth. In contrast to its relatively hospitable counterpart, the smaller Human World, the Gourmet World exclusively consists of extremely dangerous environments that most humans cannot occupy.


Eight Kings

In the Gourmet World there are eight incredibly strong beasts whose ancestors have ruled since ancient times, surviving through countless mass extinction events and are considered a force of nature themselves, gaining supremacy over members of their species as well as others. They are known as the Eight Kings who rule over the eight areas of the Gourmet World. The Gourmet World enters 'Night' when every single member of the Eight Kings become active, which causes the wild beasts to become stronger and the environment to become harsher. Depending on their personalities, these beasts may or may not take an active role in ruling their respective areas, but those that do are quite ferocious when their domain is threatened in some way. Some kings, may not take an active role in ruling their area but may let other strong beasts act as leaders of parts of an area as shown with the hierarchy of Area 7.

Eight Kings
DerousMS BattleWolfMS EmperorCrowMS MotherSnakeMS
“Dragon King”
Area 1
"Wolf King"
Area 2
“Crow King”
Area 3
“Snake King”
Area 4
DeerKingMS MoonMS BambinaMS HeraclesMS
"Deer King"
Area 5
"Whale King"
Area 6
"Monkey King"
Area 7
“Horse King”
Area 8

Gourmet Nobles (not to be confused with Acacia's Full Course Menu)

However these creatures did not always rule Gourmet World, with it and the rest of the planet having once been under the brutal rule of the Gourmet Nobility who enslaved and made cattle out of humans and made lesser members of their own kind into lobotomized slaves. At some point, they lost influence over the world to the Eight Kings and have done all in their power to try and bring the kings to extinction.

Gourmet Nobility
PairMS GourmetNoble1MS GourmetNoble6MS GourmetNoble2MS
GourmetNoble3MS GourmetNoble5MS GourmetNoble4MS GourmetNoble7MS


Toriko blank map

The regions outside the rectangular boundary line represent the Gourmet World.

The Gourmet World is home to the harshest environments and weather conditions on the planet, with extreme climates that change suddenly and can differ greatly within just feet of each other. As a result, only a relative handful of human individuals in the entire world are powerful enough to survive there. The only organizations known to be headquartered in the Gourmet World are the mighty criminal enterprise called the Gourmet Corp., and the IGO President's secret elite force of hand-picked civilians, the 0th Biotope.


The Gourmet World is primarily divided into eight large areas made up of giant landmasses and islands and each of these areas is ruled by one of the mighty Eight Kings. Each of these areas also holds a special "sector" and each one is actually the location of the ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Some continents, known as Stray Islands, float above the skies of Gourmet World and constantly wander from location to location, as such it is unknown if they are ruled by any of the Eight King and if these lands have always been up there or if they originally were located on the surface.

Land Routes

Entering the Gourmet World is a nearly impossible task whether attempted by land, sea, or air. In the sky, massive walls of impassable cyclones mark the aerial border of the Gourmet World. By sea, the deadly poisonous ocean current "Poison Tide" renders ocean travel impossible. Only the land routes are considered passable. The three land routes that connect to the Gourmet World are Zabel Island's "Waterfall Basin of Life", Yutou Island's "Harbor of Evil Spirits" and the Wak Continent's "Three Way Road". Of the three, the "Waterfall Basin of Life" is comparatively the safest.

Flora, Fauna and Ingredients

The Ingredients in the Gourmet World are vastly superior to those of the Human World, such that extremely high-level Gourmet Hunters like Jiro often have a Full Course Menu consisting exclusively of Gourmet World ingredients. The Full Course ingredients of the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia can only be found in the Gourmet World as well. For this reason, beasts from the Gourmet World usually do not bother venturing into the Human World as the food there is comparatively 'bad'. Gourmet World's food also contains Gourmet Cells in it.[1]

The beasts of the Gourmet World are so powerful that even massive armies and artillery barrages fail to slow them. When creatures from the Gourmet World do appear in the Human World, it is usually because they were chased out by stronger beasts, and thus most that try to enter are "small fries". The main exception is the Four Beast, a powerful creature from the Gourmet World that feeds exclusively on humans, having developed a unique 'taste' for them long ago. It awakens and migrates to the Human World every few centuries and consumes millions of humans at a time, however it does not actually eat them, instead it captures humans and brings them to its creators, the Gourmet Nobility.

List of Areas

The Gourmet World is composed of eight huge areas made up of landmasses and islands, each ruled by one of the respective Eight Kings:


The Gourmet World Areas holds a special "sector" and each one is actually the location of the ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu. Each sector is ordered alphabetically and matches up with the order of Acacia's menu, starting from hors d'oeuvre (A) to drink (H):

Seven Civilizations

While the Gourmet World is incredibly dangerous and humans from the Human World have never been able to settle within its lands, there actually do exist civilizations within Gourmet World known as the Seven Civilizations which were founded long ago by strange races, some of which consisted of ancient mutated humans and Nitros. These mutated humans and most of these Nitros were slaves of the Gourmet Nobles long ago and escaped and took shelter beneath the Eight Kings in hopes of creating happy and thriving societies. Many of these civilizations once thrived but some have fallen to ruin; with the three known that are still standing being the Hex Food World which has not heard from its fellow civilizations in quite a long time, Blue Grill a sea-faring civilization that is the most thriving of the Seven Civilizations, and the unknown civilization that is located in Area 4. One known civilization that has been destroyed is the Kingdom of Hope from Area 7, it was wiped out due to the machinations of the Gourmet Nobility inciting a war between the people of the Kingdom and the Monkey Restaurant.

In some civilizations such as Hex Food World, money is not a means by which trading is done. Instead a barter system is applied, where one must trade ingredients for food or supplies or any product. However civilizations may still accept yen from human visitors.




The formation of Gourmet World.


The meteor that changed the world.

Several hundred million years ago, an ancient "Demon King" set its sights upon the planet Earth and chose it as its next meal. To prepare this scrumptious planet for its consumption, it bombarded the planet with its own essence which would come to be known by its inhabitants as Gourmet Cells. The cells fell onto the planet in the form of meteorites made out of the parasitic Bedrock Mineral, and the meteorites grew by absorbing its surrounding energy while also causing massive devastation to the ancient world. Over time, it made a new mantle and crust that became many times bigger than the original planet, suddenly transforming the native creatures of the planet and unleashing a whole new generation of organisms and delicious ingredients. The new surface would end up becoming the Gourmet World and the original planet surface became the Central Human World.[2]



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