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Gourmet Yakuza
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Japanese グルメヤクザ
Romanized Gurume Yakuza
English Gourmet Mafia
Leader Match;
Ryu (formerly)
Affiliation Jidar Kingdom;
Underground Cooking World;
Four Heavenly Kings
Base of Operations Nerg City
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
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The Gourmet Yakuza (or Gourmet Mafia in the English Dub and Manga) is an organization much hated by the constitutional countries, seemingly made up completely of orphans and slum dogs from the crime slum Nerg, a non-IGO affiliated city. 10% of the prisoners in Gourmet Prison come from this city, giving it the nickname "Criminal-Producing Factory." The Yakuza, seemingly altruistic, are told by the Boss upon joining to repay their debt not to him, but to the "hungry children of the slums." The previous boss was Ryu, with Match now replacing him.



For many years, the Gourmet Yakuza has been in control of Nerg City while under the leadership of their boss Ryu, but despite their criminal activity, the yakuza aids the poverty stricken denizens of the city and make sure that no narcotic ingredients circulate amongst innocent civilians. They also take in orphaned children into their organization and treat them like family, which is how Match came to join the yakuza. The yakuza also greatly cares for their poverty-stricken and lawless kingdom and because of this they themselves are the closest thing to law enforcement that exists in a kingdom of criminals. Because of their more noble morals and ideals, they often came into conflict with the Underground Cooking World which did whatever it please so long as it made them a profit, regardless of how much damage it caused to the innocents of the kingdom.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Sometime after Match's return from Ice Hell, Ryu stepped down and allowed Match to be the new Yakuza Boss. When Match met up with Toriko and the others, he told them that Ryu had said that he had a larger job to complete in the Gourmet World, and took with him several other Yakuza members. In truth, Ryu was invited by the "Saiseiya" Yosaku to join Biotope 0, and had no intention of coming back to the yakuza.

When Toriko and Coco of the Four Heavenly Kings went in search of a Meteor Garlic, hoping to find one within the Gourmet Casino in the Jidar Kingdom, they joined forces with Match and his Gourmet Yakuza in hopes that they could succeed at winning the jackpot at the casino and getting the chance to take on the Underworld Boss, Livebearer in hopes of winning the Meteor Garlic from him. The group eventually managed to face off with Livebearer in a game of Food Concentration, in which the Heavenly Kings and yakuza were able to come out victorious. Livebearer refused to give in to defeat and sent his minions to kill the group, causing an all out gunfight between the yakuza and the Underworld. In the end the yakuza came out victorious and the Heavenly Kings successfully defeated Livebearer and forced him to accept their victory.

With Livebearer subdued, they acquire the Meteor Garlic he had in his possession, which they have Komatsu prepare with the aid of Livebearer's Taste Data. During the cooking process, Livebearer takes notice of Komatsu's great and passionate cooking skills, causing the Underworld Boss to remember a time when he too was a struggling chef who cared for ingredients and feeding others. With the Meteor Garlic successfully prepared and enjoyed by the group, Livebearer realizes that it is time for him to change and so he retires from his position as boss, handing it over to Match, thus bringing together both organizations. This new and proper government would work towards making Jidar into a vibrant and prosperous kingdom.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

The Gourmet Yakuza take part in the battle of Cooking Festival where they aid the IGO and the Four Heavenly Kings in fighting off the Gourmet Corp.

AIR Arc[]

The members of the Gourmet Yakuza along with their boss Match are present during the Four Heavenly Kings' departure from the Human World. Before leaving, Match promises that he will join them on their journey soon.


Gourmet Yakuza
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Ryu (Former Boss) Match (Boss) Ram Shin Louie
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