Japanese おばさーん
Romanized 'Oba-san'
Aliases Granny
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Greengrocer,
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 265
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"Granny" (おばさーん, Oba-san) is the name given to a kind old woman by a young boy named Suguru. She owns the small food store Greengrocer, which mainly sales Food Tablets since the massive food shortage began in the Human World after the fall of Meteor Spice.


She is a short and somewhat elderly light-skinned woman with several wrinkles on her face and small eyes. She keeps her hair tied in a bun and wears a simple outfit with a clerk's apron that has a fruit depicted on it.


She is a kindly and selfless old woman who cares about Suguru and gladly gave him some real food before her store's closing rather than keeping it for herself. She was also concerned for his mother, showing that she is a very caring person despite the tough times.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

Granny is seen tending to her shop when Suguru arrives asking for some Food Tablets. After Suguru expresses his desire to someday be able to afford real ingredients for his ill mother, Granny admires his selfless goal and decides to give him her last Starch Syrup Daikon, expressing that he deserves it and that it won't matter soon since her store is closing down. Suguru then happily leaves the store with his secret present, however Granny was unaware that her two Gourmet Security Guards had seen what she had done and proceeded to steal the daikon from Suguru. Luckily Toriko and Komatsu arrived to deliver a vast Rain of Food which brought enough food for all.

After the mass distribution of Billion Birds by the IGO, it can be presumed that Granny was able to stay in business until the IGO and saiseiyas could restore the lost ingredients of the Human World.

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