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Granny Kama
Granny Kama 2.png
Japanese カマ婆 (ばあ)
Romanized Kamabaa
Aliases Miso Soup Granny
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday 4th May
Status Alive
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 212
Anime Episode 126
Japanese Voice Kaneda Tomoko
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Granny Kama, the Miso Soup Granny (みそ汁オババ Misoshiru Obaba), is an elderly master chef whose skillful cooking abilities have earned her a spot in the IGO Chef Ranking at #54, making her one of the greatest chefs in the world.


Granny Kama's face upclose.

She is a short, elderly, pale-skinned woman with messy black hair which falls over her face. Her attire consists of a simple kimono and a pair of sandals. She appears to be missing a few teeth.


Granny Kama is a rather mysterious and creepy individual, pausing or drawing out words slowly while she speaks in a low and unsettling voice, and will stare at others in a very unnerving way while cackling "Hihhihhi..." in a very creepy fashion. She also does not seem to care about her creepy appearance and does not seem to mind scaring others. She also seems to have a liking for Komatsu for his culinary achievements.

Powers and Abilities[]

Granny Kama's eerie and exquisite cooking technique.

Being one of the top 100 chefs, she possesses culinary skills of the highest class and her ability to have passed the preliminaries of the Cooking Festival show just how skilled she is, proving her strength and fitness in "Triathlon Cooking", her speed and efficiency in "Death Scale Cooking" and her handling of ingredients and expertise in "Entire Island Cooking". And despite being below the top 50, her skills appear to be on par with the best of the bests as she managed to reach the finals of the 50th Cooking Festival.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

She is first seen as a contestant in Cooking Festival after the introductions where she complimented Komatsu on his discovery of Mors Oil along with other chefs who were impressed with his skill.[1]

Once the preliminary matches began, she passed the "Triathlon Cooking", "Death Scale Cooking" and "Entire Island Cooking" with ease and made it all the way to the Championship Tournament where she would be facing Kurakage in a one-on-one cooking match. However due to the abrupt attack by the Gourmet Corp. on the fest, it is likely that the tournament has been postponed until further notice.



  • Kama's name can mean several things, however her name likely comes from the unique iron pots used during Japanese tea ceremonies to make tea.
    • A Kama is also a small scythe-like farm tool used in Japan and the Philippines that can also be used as a weapon.
  • Her voice actor also voices Sumire and Yun.


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