Mushroom  Gratitude Cactus  Sushi
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Japanese 感謝ボデン
Romanized Kanshaboten
English Gratitude Cactus
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Type Plant
Location Shokurin Temple
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 184
Anime Episode 106
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The Gratitude Cactus (感謝ボデン Kanshaboten) is a special type of cactus in the Shokurin Temple.


The cactus grows in the main garden of the Shokurin Temple. It fires its spines like darts at high speed in the shape of a person in range bowing in gratitude. If that person isn't making that exact pose the spines will cut their body to shreds.


It is used in Food Honor training to teach proper posture when bowing.



  • This was not named in the manga.
  • The Japanese name is a combination of "Kansha" meaning "Gratitude" and "Shaboten" meaning "Cactus"

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