CloudIcon Green Rain CloudIcon
Four Beast releasing Green Rain
Japanese グリーンレイン
Romanized Gurīn Rein
English Green Rain
Type Poison
Location Gourmet World (can be produced by the Four Beast)
Related Four Beast
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 201
Anime Episode 118
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Green Rain (グリーンレイン Gurīnrein), also known as Illness Rain, is a toxic liquid substance created by the Four Beast which is very hazardous to humans and can kill within an hour of coming in contact with the skin. Green Rain is created by a large gas released from the Four Beast's mouth which then gathers together and forms a huge cloud which then begins to rain down the toxic substance below. This rain is strong to effect the pre-timeskip Heavenly Kings including Coco who all have advance poison immunity.

The only known cure for the poison of the Green Rain is Purple Mochi, due to purple being the opposing color of green on the color wheel, allowing it to neutralize the effects of the poison once ingested.


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