Japanese 八百屋
Romanized Yaoya
Location Human World
Affiliation Granny
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 265
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Greengrocer is a small grocery store located in an unnamed city in the Human World and is owned by a kindly old woman. The store used to sell all manner of common ingredients, but after the fall of the Meteor Spice destroyed most of the Human World's resources, the store was only able to sell Food Tablets while actually ingredients had their prices raised by 100 times what they were worth and locked up in reinforced glass to avoid theft, as now ingredients were no longer an easy thing to come by.


It is a small little building with a wooden sign above its sliding glass doors which reads "八百屋" (Yaoya) and has a carrot sign next to it. The interior of the building is small and simple, with numerous wooden shelves containing jars of Food Tablets at its right and displays in the center of the store filled with tablets. At its left are display cases made from reinforced glass containing a few actual ingredients such as Starch Syrup Daikon. Next to the display cases is a small table with a cash register on it.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

A young boy named Suguru was shown visiting this store to buy Food Tablets for his sick mother. The owner warmly welcomed him, as he began to browse and noticed a Starch Syrup Daikon which he hoped to one day by for his ill mother. Taking pity for the poor boy, the owner freely gave him the daikon saying that it didn't matter as her store would be closing down soon due to the increasing hard times. The boy was later robbed of his daikon by two corrupt Gourmet Security Guards, but the sudden arrival of Toriko resulted in the boy receiving food from him and Komatsu as well as the rest of the city. The store also likely received free food from Toriko and Komatsu.

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