Grill Stadium
Grill Stadium and Central Blue Grill
Japanese グリルスタジアム
Romanized Gurirusutajiamu
English Grill Stadium
Location Blue Grill (Area 6)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 331
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Grill Stadium is a coliseum within Blue Grill where chefs can compete and demonstrate their skills to other chefs. Those who come out victorious in Grill Stadium will be recognized as being worthy of entering the Food Spirit Door and surviving in the Back Channel.


Grill Stadium is a large dome-shaped building with an apparent octopus theme in its architecture; having several tentacle-like structures built around it. It is located somewhere in Central Blue Grill and is surrounded by all manner of modern-looking buildings. Its interior is quite large and grand, and its walls are covered with billboards advertising all manner of restaurants and food chains.

Under the stage is the Soul Furnace (霊魂炉 Reikon-ro), which is fueled by the burning Appetites of Food Spirits.

The Seesaw Kitchen (シーソーキッチン Shīsō Kitchin) has two kitchens balanced on opposite ends of a giant seesaw. Placed over the Soul Furnace, this setup encourages chefs to prepare, cook, and serve their dishes with great haste, lest they fall behind and drop into the flames. It is similar to the Cooking Festival's Scale Death Cooking.[1]



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