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Japanese グリンパーチ
Romanized Gurinpāchi
English Grinpatch
Aliases Grinparch, Grin
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 3
Age 50
Status Unknown
Height 240 cm
Weight 290 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Chef icon Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef
Partner Jack
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 59
Anime Episode 20
Japanese Voice Mitsuya Yuuji
English Voice Chris Rager
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Toriko... Is it okay if I suck up your heart?

—Grinpatch, in Wul Volcano.

Grinpatch (グリンパーチ Gurinpāchi) is one of the Sous Chefs of the Gourmet Corp.. He can suck up large amounts of food with his giant straw. For transportation and food collection, he has a pet Jack Elephant (CLVL 85), which is large and strong enough to cut down an entire ear of BB Corn and carry it.[1] He was one of the first Gourmet Corp. members that were capable of entering the Gourmet World before the organization's power began to grow.[2].

He is the main antagonist of the BB Corn Arc, and an antagonist of the Cooking Festival Arc.


Grinpatch Expressions

Grinpatch is a tall man with a muscular build and a hunchback. He also has six arms (four at the time of his debut), each pair with a different skintone, and are hinted to be the result of a medical transplant. He has two piercings on his neck, three on his chin, and a few on his second pair of arms.

He has white eyes with a very big black iris, which makes his eyes look black. Each iris contains three white pupils adjacent to each other (leading Toriko to refer to him as "Compound Eyed"). Another notable trait of him are his black teeth. He also has a large scar on the left side of his chest. His face, neck and original pair or arms have purple tattoos which resemble the pattern of the Devil Mosquito. Said critter is also the source of his straw weapon and his animal motif.

He wears a bright green bandana with floral patterns (diagonal short lines in the anime). He also wears long black pants and black shoes, and also has a green sheath around his waist where he keeps his straw.

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Grinpatch seems to be very a lazy man. For example, he does not finish the full names of places and things, calling the Regal Plateau the "Regal-whatever" and the Devil's Athletics the "Athletics-looking place." He agrees with Starjun that it is hard to not test Toriko's strength. He gets excited when he is sucking all sorts of foods and is quite a voracious glutton, sucking up all the creatures on the Devil's Athletics and sucking up all of Toriko's BB Popcorn before trying to suck up Terry Cloth as well. He was also excited of fighting Toriko to test his strength and want to fight him again after Toriko can become stronger and can enjoy of it and eat him and Terry showing that he has cannibalistic tendencies.

Powers and Abilities[]

As one of the highest ranked Gourmet Corp., Grinpatch is frighteningly powerful. He is strong enough to enter the Gourmet World freely, without the need of a GT Robo.[2] Being able to travel in the Gourmet World, his Gourmet Cells can adapt to the harsh environment.

Grinpatch's way of fighting is using his inhuman lung capacity. He can use it fire barrels of air, like a gun or bazooka when combined with his straw, and can draw people and beasts toward himself, even if the target is running away. He has thick skin, shown when he is unharmed from Toriko's Flying Fork; however he is still damaged, albeit minorly, by Toriko's Flying Knife.

Filtration System[]

Grinpatch filters

Grinpatch's filters

The sous chef possesses an outstanding immune system. Everything from his esophagus to his organs down to the blood vessels are formed like a filtration system, this allows his body to detoxify every type of poison, which could even render useless Coco's Poison Virus that circulated around Grinpatch's body endlessly. After consuming the aforementioned Heavenly King's poison, his body starts to change, his stomach grows larger and he emits smoke, most likely a side-effect of consuming all the poison. However, Grin had trouble with Coco's Devil Poison, since he went wild for consuming it, and much later he became unresponsive as if he had been hypnotized.

Hunting Method[]

Grinpatch uses a Devil Mosquito straw along with his immense lung capacity to defeat or capture creatures or prey. If the straw pierces a creature, he can quickly suck their flesh off it like sucking the air out of a balloon. A testament to his power is that he fought Toriko equally while Grinpatch himself was just playing around.


Grinpatch uses a straw made from the mouth of a Devil Mosquito as a blowpipe to channel his astounding lung capacity. It's named Devil Mosquito Straw. It is so resistant that Toriko could not cut it with his normal Knife at first, but later broke through. Since then, Grinpatch has replaced his old straw with a new one when battling Coco at Cooking Fest. Grinpatch uses it mainly for sucking food. With his lung capacity, he also uses it to fire air bullets that could easily damage Toriko. He is also shown using worms kept in his mouth which he spits at opponents.


Breath Bazooka small

Breath Bazooka (ブレスバズーカ Buresu Bazūka): A technique combining Grinpatch's impressive breath with the use of his straw, he shoots a cyclone of air.[3]

Breath Missile small

Breath Missile (ブレスミサイル Buresu Misairu): A technique combining Grinpatch's impressive breath with the use of his straw, he shoots a massive pillar of air straight at the opponent. This technique takes a massive amount of lung capacity to be performed, but the power released is such that it can create craters of incredible width and depth.[4]

Breath Gun small

Breath Gun  (息銃ブレスガン Buresu Gan): A technique combining Grinpatch's impressive breath with the use of his Devil Mosquito Straw, he shoots air bullets that move very quickly and are strong enough to tear through Toriko's flesh. It is considered his low-power attack.[5]

Worm Breath

Worm Breath (ワームブレス Wāmu Buresu): Grinpatch spits multiple worms stored in his mouth at his opponent, covering them and rendering their weapons useless.[6]


After the failed attempt of the 6th Branch to to capture the Regal Mammoth, Starjun beat them all half to death and one new guy died. Midora's appetite was bigger and the cooks were not keeping up with it, so Grinpatch was sent to retrieve the GT Robos that were sent to capture the Regal Mammoth. It was Grinpatch's first time going to one of the IGO gardens. He had fun there and saw lots of ingredients that he had never seen before, but he did not expect Vice-President Shigematsu and Chief Mansam to be there and getting all serious. Grinpatch found it annoying that he had to fight and that the GT Robos did not matter anymore, so he decided to let them have the GT Robos. To make up for his failure Grinpatch decided to devour many of the island's animals, including the Devil Keeper, boss of Devil Athletics. Knowing he could not go back to headquarters empty handed, he decided to capture the island's animals and BB Corn as souvenirs for the boss.[7]

BB Corn Arc[]

Grinpatch first appears sucking up the huge pile of Toriko's Blue Blood Corn at Wul Volcano and, after finishing it, tries sucking up Terry Cloth, who flees in fear.[8] Grinpatch takes a deep breath strong enough to pull Terry back. Trying to save Terry with his Knife, Toriko tries cutting the straw, interrupting Grinpatch. Toriko is shocked that he cannot cut the straw. Toriko comments that Grinpatch cannot just eat other people's popcorn, to which Grinpatch replies that he will give back the popcorn, and he regurgitates the popcorn out and sucks it back in, saying it is delicious to eat it again.[7]

Grinpatch talks to Toriko about Jack Elephant fetching some BB Corn and that he still is not back because it has no sense of direction. After sucking a Magma Rat he talks about his straw and that he made it from a mouth of a Devil Mosquito, saying it has excellent flexibility and durability and wondering if it would get cut apart from Toriko's Knife. He also says that Starjun praised Toriko and that that is really rare. Getting a part of the Cigar tree and putting it at the end of his straw, he lights it with the volcano fires in order to take a smoke break. He then tells Toriko about the goal of the Gourmet Corp.: getting the ingredient called GOD. Discussing the ingredient GOD of how good it is and that it was discovered by Acacia and Toriko wanting GOD as his main dish and that GOD only appears when there is a Gourmet Solar Eclipse and saying that many famous Bishokuyas are going to find GOD and the reason for boss's appetite, because boss judged that the Gourmet Solar Eclipse is near and that it is a pain in the ass for Grinpatch who makes his meals.[7]

Grin vs toriko

Grinpatch vs Toriko

After all that talk Grinpatch said that while Toriko is on a search for GOD that it makes the Gourmet Corp. his enemy and going to settle this. After a warning of Toriko getting serious and shout to Terry to get far away as possible. At a attempt to suck in Toriko he used a 10 Hit Nail Punch and gets a stalemate with Grinpatch which both of them fall of the top of the Wul Volcano. Making a comment that Toriko's weakness is range Grinpatch fired a Breath Gun at Toriko and gotten a successful hit, and noticing that fired a rapid success of Breath Guns after Toriko getting angry he fired a long range fork, which shocked Grinpatch and getting confused of what it was. After getting hit by another Flying Fork and getting stream of blood from his shoulder to the chest from a Flying Knife, Grinpatch enjoyed it and sucked the blood while healing himself from the cut. Making a comment about that flying knife is still to weak that it couldn't break the rock and that he will show a missile, breathing huge amount of air he fired a Breath Bazooka, which destroyed a lot of rocks. To Grinpatch's surprise Toriko got behind Grinpatch and cut his straw in half with his knife. After hearing the explanation of Toriko of how he got behind Grinpatch, he got a call from the head chef to return to headquarters and seeing that his pet got back as well. saying he enjoyed the fighting, Toriko wanted to know his name and Grinpatch gave him his name and told him that he is a Gourmet Corp. Sou Chef. After getting away with his pet, he said he wanted to eat Toriko and his dog but decided to wait for them a little to grow. As he left, his vicious presence was so intense it caused numerous Peaceful Flowers to rot instantly.[1]

Arriving to the meeting Grinpatch sucked up all the food and plates in the air, caused by Starjun because he slammed at the table which made the food and the plates bounce up into the air, stating he enjoyed testing Toriko's abilities and ordering Joejoe to get him a new straw and to make it a sturdy one. He told Kuromado that he didn't get the GT Robos, after the mentioning of Kuromado that the Gourmet World will emerge and approaching GOD is near, which got Grinpatch excited.[9]

Cooking Festival Arc[]


Grinpatch returns.

On the day of the Cooking Festival, the Gourmet Corp. prepare for their final mission in the Human World: to kidnap all the top chefs at the Cooking Festival and take them back to Gourmet World to make them part of their large collection of enslaved chefs, who will aid them in their take over of Gourmet World. The team assigned for this task consists of some of the Gourmet Corp.'s strongest members, which includes Grinpatch, Starjun, Tommyrod, Limon, Elg, Chiyo, and several Scum Beasts.[10]

When the Gourmet Corp. make their large scale assault on Cooking Stadium, Grinpatch attacks from the air along with Yuu and Jerry Boy.[11]

When Coco tries to take out the several attacking beasts from the sky using his poison launching abilities, Grinpatch absorbs the poison bullets with his breath and challenges Coco to give him more of those "delicious" bullets.[12] As their fight continues, Grinpatch sucks up more of Coco's poison, which makes his body grotesquely swell up, although he still desires for more.[13] After he knocks Coco down, he fires a Breath Missile, but Coco and Komatsu manage to evade the attack and instead it creates a deep hole in the Cooking Stadium. Grinpatch approaches Komatsu and demands to suck up his Wall Penguin; however, he is suddenly grabbed by and pulled into the hole by Coco, to fight deep within its depths, away from those that could be harmed by his poison.[14]

Later, Grinpatch alone is seen climbing out of the hole.[15] He then notices Joie's dark presence over the stadium along with several others present.[16] He, along with almost everyone else on the island, is paralyzed by Jiro's Grand Knocking.[17] But when Midora unleashes his Meteor Spice, Starjun tells Jiro to release his Knocking on everyone, freeing Grinpatch. Starjun then tells Grinpatch they are evacuating.[18]

He and Starjun later return to the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ to find it burned. Starjun orders Grinpatch to put out the flames but Grinpatch appears to be unresponsive,[19] a side-effect of eating Coco's Devil Poison.[20] After having the kidnapped chefs gathered before Midora, Alfaro tells Starjun that Grinpatch seems to have been "hypnotized" like the management staff. Starjun asks the unresponsive Grin if he was fed something, but Alfaro states anyone who stops working for the Gourmet Corp. will meet death.[21]

GOD Arc[]

After Joie summons Dores, Kuromado, and Niceny, Coco uses Devil Poison to draw out Grinpatch, who is addicted to it, and the Sous Chef joins Tommyrod and Starjun to face NEO's chefs.[22] Grinpatch and Tommyrod help take down Kuromado and, after celebrating, are dissolved by Joie's microbes.[23]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the manga his bandana has a very elaborate design while in the anime the designs were replace with simpler stripes.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Grinpatch GS2

Artwork of Grinpatch from Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Grinpatch makes him video game debut in the PSP game, Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2, as a major antagonist and a boss. He, along with fellow Sous Chefs: Starjun, Tommyrod and Ryoutei are sent off to the Gattsuki Continent to seek rare ingredients while at the same time stopping the Four Heavenly Kings and their group from advancing their ingredient hunt.[24]

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]


The Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs and the Four Heavenly Kings in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

Grinpatch makes an appearance in the Nintendo 3DS game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters as an antagonist once again alongside Starjun and Tommyrod. In the game, while they antagonize the Four Heavenly Kings early on, they are eventually forced to form an alliance with them in order to take down the mutant monstrosity known as the Death Gore Chimera which threatens to consume all the world's resources.[25]


Grinpatch has been featured prominently in the Trading Card Game appearing on many cards. He has also appeared in two Toriko video game as a major antagonist alongside Starjun and Tommyrod.


Grinpatch CAD

Grinpatch's CAD

  • In the manga, Grinpatch has a unique style speech balloon that is wavy and somehow dripping. In the anime, this is interpreted with Grinpatch having a unworried and bizarre voice.
  • He ranked 28th in the first Popularity Poll with 23 votes, tieing with the Rainbow Fruit.
  • He's seen wearing a bandana with the same designs that Livebearer has tattooed all over his body.
  • Grinpatch's Capture Ability Data remains unknown as revealed in Volume 8, by the events of BB Corn Arc.
  • At the moment Grinpatch is the only Sous Chef who has yet to show his Intimidation. Whether he even has one or not is unknown.


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