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Japanese ガウチ
Romanized Gauchi
Aliases Amphibious Devil,
Demon of Land and Water (by Zongeh)
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 13
Length 7.8m
Height 4.1m
Weight 6.5t
Price 83,000 yen each
Habitat Tundra, Ice Hell
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 21
Anime Episode 7
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The Growlrus (ガウチ Gauchi), also known as the Amphibious Devil (水陸両用の悪魔), is a giant species of walrus with tiger-like stripes on its back.


Gauchi 1

A Growlrus' mighty tusks.

The Growlrus is a giant breed of walrus that can grow to a length of 7.8 meters and a height of 4.1 meters, and upon reaching adulthood it can weigh about 6.5 tons due to its high blubber content. The Growlrus has navy skin with blue tiger-like stripes. Its eyes are completely black with yellow pupils and its mouth is full of sharp teeth and two massive tusks.

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Sleeping Gauchi

A family of Growlrus sleeping together.

Growlruses are highly territorial creatures who become incredibly hostile to intruders. Members of the species live together in social close-knit groups in cold tundra regions close to water. Many also reside in the elevated areas of the frozen continent of Ice Hell. They mainly sleep on top of each other for warmth. Occasionally, Growlruses may leave the comfort of their native ecosystem to attack easy prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It boasts exceptional blubber that allows it to survive both sub-zero climates and substantially weakens the impact of enemy attacks. Its mighty tusks give it a good offense against most beasts around its own capture levels, and its amphibious nature makes it a decent fighter on both land and water.[1][2] Growlruses are considered the strongest beasts in the world in remote regions of the world that have no knowledge of more monstrous beasts, with simple village folk believing it to be the most fiercest creature alive and regarding it as the "Demon of Land and Water".


Coliseum BattlesEdit


A fillet cut of Growlrus.

The Growlrus is a popular fighting animal in official and unofficial beast fights, and is a favorite amongst newbies to the Gourmet Coliseum scene, and people often advise that "If you don't know who to go with, bet on the Growlrus".[3]

As FoodEdit

The meat of the Growlrus is made up of 23% Protein, 67% Fat, 0.1% Iron and 7.2% Sugar, showing that it is a good source of protein but is very high in fat and it is not a good source of iron.[4]


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

A Growlrus, along with a Silverback, a Gerold, and an Elephantsaurus, is used in a Gourmet Coliseum match against a Battle Wolf.[5] It and the other beasts are killed by a Devil Serpent, which had accidentally been sprayed with Rin's Battle Fragrance a few moments earlier.[6]

Century Soup ArcEdit

Zongeh and his group encounter a herd of sleeping Growlruses, and as Zongeh sneaks by, the Growlruses wake up and give chase.[1]


  • Growlrus' Japanese name is a pun on Seiuchi (Walrus) and Gao (the japanese equivalent of "Growl" or "Roar"). Ga, fittingly enough, can also mean "Fang".


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