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Growsaurus Eps 59
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Japanese グローサウルス
Romanized Gurōsaurusu
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 57
Length 750m
Height 430m
Weight 500,000t
Price 100g / 1200 yen
Habitat No specific habitat
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 127
Anime Episode 59
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The Growsaurus is giant sauropod-like mammal beast and one of Honey Prison's A-Rank Execution Beasts.



A Growsaurus's size compared to a human (that tiny spec near its foot).

Growsauruses are gigantic mammalian sauropods with orange leathery skin. As such, they have long necks and tails, a wide girth and feet that are like fully vertical columns with extremely reduced finger bones like those of a sauropod. Its face is rather swollen in appearance, with no visible nostrils and tiny red eyes, its mouth also only seems to sport two fangs. Growsauruses grow in a variety of sizes, presumably as they age, with some being quite big while still being able to easily fit within the large halls of Honey Prison, and a full-sized Growsaurus is massive in size, having a body length of over 750 meters and an overall height of 430 meters, easily big enough to crush an entire city.
Growsaurus upclose

A Growsaurus's face up-close.

However its great size also holds an even more incredibly titanic weight of over 500,000 tons, even heavier than a Regal Mammoth, which is the largest creature in the Human World.

The Growsauruses of Honey Prison are outfitted with two kinds of special metallic uniform armors, one which has a gold spiked collar with a large black belt with giant purple gems and a spiky metal blue ruff around its neck, the second set of armor appears to made out of yellow and purple metal coverings which have very well crafted designs.

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It is very susceptible to Love's pheromones and will follow all her and the prison staff's commands without question. While under the influence of said pheromones, the Growsaurus obediently carries out its execution duties and will remain docile to guards and guests visiting the prison. However in the wild, they are so ferocious and aggressive that they will trample entire cities in half a day in bursts of beastly rage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Swift military action is levied against any Growsaurus that enters a city as they can easily destroy one with their violent strength. However even military action is not enough to deal with a rampaging Growsaurus, as it takes a skilled Gourmet Hunter to truly down one of these big bruisers.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Execution Beasts

The first Growsaurus seen at Honey Prison.

When Toriko and Komatsu went to Honey Prison to release Zebra, they saw many Growsauruses of several varied sizes in their tour through the prison, which naturally horrified Komatsu on first sight. They later witnessed Zebra's failed execution, which involved his limbs being pulled off by several beasts, including a Growsaurus. However Zebra easily incapacitated the beasts with his sound-based attacks.


The Growsaurus has been featured in a few pieces of merchandise, such as a collectible sticker and as a miniature figurine.

Growsaurus Sticker
Growsaurus Figurine

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