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Japanese ギネス
Romanized Ginesu
English Guinness
Aliases Wolf King (狼王 Rōō)
Race Battle Wolf
Gender Unknown
Capture Level 6550
Status Alive
Height 55m
Weight 20,000 t
Professional Status
Affiliation Eight Kings
Occupation Ruler of Area 2
Personal Status
Relatives Terry's mother
Terry Cloth,
Jiro (adopted son)
Teppei (adoptive great-grandson)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 342
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Guinness (ギネス Ginesu) is the Wolf King (狼王 Rōō), the world's strongest Battle Wolf ruling over Area 2, and one of the famed Eight Kings, the eight strongest beasts. Instead of a lone wolf, he is the alpha in a large Battle Wolf pack.


Guinness colored

Guinness' color scheme


Guinness' claw.

Guinness is the largest Battle Wolf yet introduced, towering not only over Toriko and Starjun (his head alone being larger than the two men together), but even the second-in-command of his pack. His fur is dark blue, an oddity among the select Battle Wolves seen so far, and he appears to be quite old, mainly because of his long beard (the beard's length roughly matching both Toriko's and Starjun's heights). Furthermore, Guinness' eyes are surrounded by large, round shadows, and are beady and completely blank, not showing irises and pupils (often, nothing of the eyes is seen at all, leaving only the two ominous shadows), and he lost the majority of his top right fang in his fight against Jiro in his full-powered state centuries ago. Also, unlike any other Battle Wolf seen so far, Guiness has uniquely shaped forelimbs, as instead of canine paws, he has human-like hands with black claws and opposable thumbs.


Not much is known of Guinness' personality, but, being one of the Eight Kings, he is fearless, yet does not involve himself in combat unless necessary, preferring to send his underlings, mainly his pack's beta, into combat and observe their battles while hiding his presence. Like Bambina, he is rather passive in front of the ones he recognizes to be considerably weaker than himself, showing no signs of anger upon being punched in the muzzle by Toriko's manifestation of Ogre's arm.

He is stated not to show any malice normally toward any enemy during battle, showing that in a wild bout, its drive is that of appetite only.

On top of that, Guinness is rational and holds a form of respect for those whom he considers to be potential allies against a greater evil. During his fight with Toriko and Starjun, Guinness has an opportunity to strike back at his opponents when they are fully defenseless. Rather than take advantage of the moment, he instead decides to share vital information to Toriko about their "true enemy", the Ancient Demon Neo. This act puts his fight with Toriko and Starjun to a sudden stop as both he and Toriko, from thereupon, have a mutual enemy, showing that Guinness prefers not to make enemies with those he shares a far more dangerous enemy with.


Battle Wolf Race[]

As the Wolf King, Guinness is a representative of the Battle Wolf race at large, accepted to be the most powerful of all Battle Wolves. While he guides its own pack of Battle Wolves, it is unknown just how many follow under its command. Being the known alpha of that pack, Guinness will send its minions to do its work but, like any natural pack leader, does not simply send them on their own as he is shown to be hiding among the shadows behind them, observing its second-in-command, the pack's seeming beta, battle Toriko and Starjun and showing itself the moment Toriko took notice of his presence.


Guinness adopted Jiro when he was an infant and raised him, often feeding him Nitro. He later fought against Jiro and lost most of his upper right fang in the battle. Despite this, he still seemed fond of Jiro, as he is shown to remember his dead, adopted child before delivering a counterattack to Neo/Acacia.

Powers and Abilities[]

Since Guinness is considered one of the most powerful life-forms in the world, the world's eight strongest beasts, it is obvious that his abilities are top-notch, its strength further separated from the extremely high standard of his species, only he bearing the nickname of Wolf King, as noted by Mappy.

Hundreds of years ago, Guinness preyed on Red Nitros to feed to its adopted infant son, the human Jiro. When Jiro grew up as an adult, Guinness fought him in his true, unsealed state, losing most of his upper right fang to the man, and, since then, never had to contemplate dodging ever again up until his battle with Toriko and Starjun, when the two used a combination Hoshigiri and Jet Knife directly in front of Guinness' face, causing enormous cutting damage very visible from deep space, leaving an extremely deep, wide, and long chasm in the ground, its length easily of planetary scale.

When beast "kings" such as the Eight Kings themselves face off against another considerably powerful adversary, a rare, powerful swirling storm, known as the Emperor Ring, is formed over the skies of Gourmet World, signifying the clash between the kings below. During Guinness' rather short battle with Toriko and Starjun, the three of them form a humongous such "ring" above them. Besides, the Eight Kings exude immensely potent intimidation, such that a single footprint can contain their aura from thousands of years ago.

Guinness is the alpha in a large pack, with a number of other wolves and, perhaps, even other beasts working under his authority. Just like Heracles and the Deer King, the Wolf King's followers fight for Guinness or do work for him as well. He is also shown to be able to hide within the "shadows" along with the rest of his pack in order to observe his second-in-command from behind. This power has allowed Guinness to remain under cover for the duration of the fight between Toriko, Starjun and his second-in-command until Toriko caught its presence due to the beginning signs of the arrival of GOD.

Guinness has staggering physical strength, and has a penchant for swiftly finishing off offending creatures that seem particularly dangerous with single, simple paw stomps. He instantly killed a piece of Neo (sent out to capture GOD itself and hailed as potentially strong enough to consume the entire world) by tapping onto it with a what was referred to as a "step", the sheer, overwhelming force of which being such that it deformed the entire Earth with tremendous, rippling shockwaves, causing its very crust for many thousands of kilometers around to shift and twist to where it literally appeared to undergo liquefaction, lifting continental landmasses up high into the atmosphere in massive elevations akin to water waves until they swelled up and popped from it, causing a gargantuan explosion that shook the planet. Such was the force that Toriko and Starjun, who were directly in front of the wolf, were swept a distant few hundred kilometers away despite having anchored themselves deeply to the ground (particularly, Toriko pierced a Knife and Fork from the bottom of his feet dozens of meters down into the ground, and Starjun acted exactly in kind). This would have likely been tens of thousands of kilometers had they not done that.

Apart from that, Guinness can let out a massively potent howl that can reverberate across the whole Earth, and may code with it messages to specific beings, not only other Battle Wolves.

Sense of Smell[]

Guinness has the ability to use his nose in order to extract information from next to anything physical around him. Once Guinness has the scent, he can utilize it to share the information to those around him through his urine.

While most canines use their urine for marking (which Guinness was also seen seemingly doing to mark the area where GOD would seemingly appear on the Continent of Beginnings), Guinness can additionally use his urine to share any information to anyone with strong enough olfaction; he usually makes use of this to give any vital information to his pack members. He informed Toriko of Neo, despite Toriko never actually having met the demon itself.


Guinness Search

Guinness Search (狼王の探索ギネスサーチ Ginesu Sāchi, literally meaning "Wolf King's Search"): By using his extreme sense of smell which rivals, if not overpowers, that of Toriko (whose range encompasses the entire world), Guinness is capable of gaining all valuable information about his targets via their scent, from their species, sex, age, habitat, ancestry, and DNA to their favorite foods and even their Appetite Demons. The ability is not limited to living beings as he can extract information from inorganic matter such as rocks and water, too. While such data is "extracted" from organic or inorganic targets via this technique, they are rendered pure white like cast-off husks, and in the case of living targets, their become immobile as their sentient essence of sorts leaves their body, making it seem as if their souls have been sucked right out of their body;[1] however, this effect is only temporary.[2] It is first shown against a piece of Neo.[3]

Strong ( Kyō): A stronger version of Guinness Search, it can partially pull the soul out of Acacia who had eaten fully revived Neo.[4]

Wolf Cannon

Guinness Cannon (Unnamed): Guinness slams his paw onto his enemy and is so powerful it makes the Earth ripple. It was first used on Acacia but was stopped and his paw ended up eaten.[5]


Aside from the Wolf King's immeasurable strength, what truly makes Guinness "king" is his "sensitivity" to nature, much like how small animals can sense predatory threats, changes in the weather, or imminent natural disasters. This allows him to sense even tiny occurrences across the planet which may prove essential to his and his pack's survival, to a far greater extent than even the most keen animals. Even non-natural crises and events can be detected or anticipated by , such as his detection of Toriko's rising power following his duel with Starjun. This near-omniscient power is what has ultimately allowed the Wolf King to survive countless mass-extinction events which otherwise would have been lethal even to him.



Several centuries ago, Guinness raised an infant Jiro, hunting Red Nitro in order to feed him. Several decades later, Guinness had a fight with now-Knocking Master Jiro in his unsealed state, then only known as the "Rampaging Beast", losing most of one of his fangs to the man. Since then, no enemy ever pressured the Wolf King enough to make him contemplate dodging.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

After Toriko enters Gourmet World to save Komatsu, his Flying Fork flies across Gourmet World and ultimately catches the attention of Guinness' pack's number two, the young boss of the wolf pack. It is shown that it has a Capture Level of 6090.

AIR Arc[]

Just after the Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, and the Hex Food Beast Knights capture the legendary salad of Acacia, the Food King AIR, Heracles takes no chances of missing an opportunity to give birth and quickly ends the battle between her and Toriko and proceeds to consume the high amounts of fresh air that blanketed Area 8. After giving birth, the new foal proceeds to travel on the Rainbow Bridges and once more revives the age old tradition of the Herac Response. As the foal lets out its mighty voice to let its presence be known, Guinness, along with the rest of the Eight Kings, hears the call of the young Herac.

PAIR Arc[]

Guinness is first mentioned by "Kaka" during the Heavenly King's travel to Birth Cry Tree. She mentions to the group that much like how Heracles is the representative of the Phantom Beast Heracs, Guinness is a representative of the Battle Wolves. Kaka also states that Guinness is a more famed ruler within the Eight Kings.


In reaction to Whale King Moon's movements, Guinness' pack's beta is seen behind the King Land Shark that Toriko and Starjun are talking about fighting and eating and Starjun comments that he would rather not fight the creature behind the shark.

As the demon Neo send parts of itself around the world, each of the Eight Kings becomes occupied as they prepare to combat the new threat. Elsewhere, however, Guinness' second-in-command is already preoccupied by his own opponents, Starjun and Toriko, in Area 2, without any sign of a Neo piece.

It is then revealed that the young wolf Toriko and Starjun battle is not Guinness but the beta of the real Wolf King, a dark menacing wolf hidden in the shadows. Guinness was observing the combat between his second-in-command and its adversaries. He steps out just as Toriko mentions that GOD will be appearing very soon near their vicinity, showing his appetite to eat it. Before making a move, he is punched by Toriko manifesting Ogre's arm and being challenged to a no holds barred fight for GOD.[6] However, despite Toriko initiating the attack, the Wolf King seems to ignore the humans and only pays attention to the piece of Neo.[7]

With the piece of Neo fast approaching, Toriko's and Starjun's Appetite Demons attempt to destroy the piece, which manages to redirect their attack, and as the piece approaches them, Guinness uses Guinness Search to incapacitate the threat. The creature briefly regains consciousness before Guinness stomps on it, ending the demon and blasting both Toriko and Starjun several hundred kilometers away. Guinness then urinates on the land, which Toriko takes as Guinness marking Area 2 as his territory. Guinness approaches Toriko and Starjun in an instant and uses Guinness Search on them.[8] However, Toriko manages to resist being incapacitated and counters using his own Devil Sense against Guinness. Starjun regains consciousness and attacks in combination with Toriko, which makes Guinness remember the last time he thought of dodging an attack. Guinness dodges Toriko and Starjun's attack and an Emperor Ring forms around them. Toriko and Starjun become defenseless after their attack, but rather than take advantage to strike back, Guinness instead shares vital information with Toriko by urinating. Toriko catches the scent of Guinness' urine and instantly becomes informed on both Neo and his own Appetite Demons, halting their battle.[9]

GOD Arc[]

The Eight Kings arrive in Area 2 and immediately attack Acacia. Guinness stomps on him but Neo consumes the wolf's right forepaw. Acacia attacks with Gourmet Punch but is countered and thrown into the air, where he is hit by Dragon King's laser.[10]

Guinness once again intervenes, using a stronger degree of his Guinness Search to incapacitate Acacia for the others to launch their most powerful attacks against him. However, Acacia survives the group's attacks and swiftly bites Guinness' head off.[11] Fortunately, CENTER was given to Guinness's corpse, saving its life.

It later stood with Toriko and the others with the other remaining Eight Kings while Neo vomited every ingredient it ever ate. But since Guinness was defeated by Acacia, it could no longer remain a king and he retired from his position.


Guinness's data

Guinness's data


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