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Gummi Candies
Japanese お菓子のグミ
Romanized Okashi no Gumi
English Gumdrop
Aliases Gummi Candy
Type Candy Rain
Location Landsea (Area 2)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 264
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Gumdrop (お菓子のグミ Okashi no Gumi) is a tiny type of sweet that falls in a heavy rain over the Landsea in Gourmet World. When these candies rain down, all sorts of other delicious and sweet confections, like chocolate and marshmallow, rain down as well; however, dangers, such as mountains, may rain down from the sky, too.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

While Toriko is staying within Gourmet World, he has the pleasure of enjoying a sweet gumdrop rain while he is resting in the Landsea.



  • Gummi candy, gummy candy, gummies, or jelly sweets are a broad category of gelatin-based, chewy candies. In the United States and Germany, gummi bears are the most popular and best known of the gummi candies.

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