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Gunman Sunfish
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Japanese ガンマンボウ
Romanized Ganmanbou
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Type Fish
Capture Level 1800
Habitat Conveyor Belt Islands (Area 6)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 325
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The Gunman Sunfish (ガンマンボウ Ganmanbou) is a species of sunfish native to the seas of Area 6. One is owned by the Flavor Sage, Jiji.


It is a large fish easily over twice the size of a Nitro. It appears to have a rather portly appearance that may actually be all muscle. It has very pronounced brows and small eyes, along with six pectoral fins and one dorsal fin. It also has large lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth.


The Gunman Fish will not hesitate to attack dangerous predators if spotted. It appears that members of this species can be tamed for defensive use by others where they can act as defensive sentries.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

True to its name, the Gunman Sunfish has the ability to create durable bubbles from its mouth which it can shoot out at great speeds, like bullets or cannon balls. These bubbles have enough strength to take out a Namibouzu in a single shot. The Gunman Sunfish's aim is also very precise, able to hit a living target right in its weak spot. It can also survive on land without much difficulty.



As the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies make their way into Area 6's Conveyor Belt Islands, their Turtloon is confronted by a swarm of Namibouzus, luckily they are quickly saved by Jiji with the use of his Gunman Sunfish which shot through the heads of the Namibouzus with ease.


Gunman Sunfish Submission

Gunman Sunfish Submission

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