This is article is about the restaurant, for the anime's opening theme, see Guts Guts!!.
Lulubhu Eps 54
Japanese ガッツ
Romanized Gattsu
Location Gourmet Towers
Affiliation Lulubhu
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 118
Anime Episode 54
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Guts is a 7-star traditional Japanese restaurant owned and run by Chef Lulubhu, one of the top 100 greatest chefs in the world. It was located on the top 312th floor of the Gourmet Towers' fork building prior to Gourmet Town's destruction.


Guts employees

The 20,000 employees of the Guts restaurant chain.

The restaurant primarily served traditional Japanese meals and it was one of the top restaurants in the Gourmet Towers alongside fellow top floor restaurant Zen Ou in the knife building. It appears that like many other famous restaurants, Guts was made into a chain of restaurants as Lulubhu has authority over 20,000 employees who likely work at the original Guts and its many chains.

After the disastrous events at Cooking Fest and the fall of the Meteor Spice upon the Human World, Gourmet Town, as well as the Gourmet Towers and Guts were completely destroyed by the barrage of energy. Luckily Lulubhu was able to avoid capture by the Gourmet Corp., but it is unknown if he reopened his restaurant elsewhere.



  • Coincidentally, the restaurant shares it name with the anime's first opening theme.

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