RiceBall  Hannya Panda  Manga meat
Wisdom Panda GM
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Japanese 般若パンダ
Romanized Hannya Panda
English Hannya Panda
Aliases Wisdom Panda
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 80
Height 18m
Weight 15t
Price meat 100g / 20,000 yen
Diet Omnivore
Habitat Fertile Plateau
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 166
Anime Episode 92
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The Hannya Panda (般若パンダ) is a gigantic panda-like beast with a high Capture level of 80.


It has two large fangs from its mouth, and two horns jutting out from its shoulders which can also be used for attacking. Oddly enough, it also has an image of a face on its belly that changes to reflect the Hannya Panda's mood, such as excitement, anger, pain and defeat.

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The Hannya Panda is a vicious beast with a lust for battle. It is almost always seen with a foreboding and intimidating look and when angered, it becomes a being of pure fury. Coco also described the Hannya Panda as an incredibly voracious omnivore, capable of stripping a mountain of all animals and vegetation in the span of half a day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hannya Panda attacking

The Hannya Panda's incredible strength and speed.

The Hannya Panda is an incredibly powerful physical fighter, with strength almost comparable to Toriko's during their first encounter. Just one attack from it is devastating and it can deal out deadly punches swiftly. To add to its physical strength it is also an intelligent fighter that can read its opponents attacks with ease and even figure out methods to avoid or endure them. It is also noted to be remarkably agile for its girth, easily dodging a Leg Fork from Toriko by back flipping away.

As FoodEdit

Hannya Panda Summer Rolls

Hannya Panda Spring Rolls.

The meat of the Hannya Panda is fine dish when prepared right and steaming it is a good way to bring out its flavor. If its meat is combined with lettuce and wrapped in large rice wrappers, it can be made into a delicious Spring Roll which can be eaten with a special soy sauce and mayonnaise to enhance the flavor if one desires.[1]


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

It is first seen during Coco and Livebearer's Food Concentration card game. Coco matches it and Toriko goes to fight it.[2] The Hannya Panda is shown to be a powerful and intelligent beast as it is able to smash the floor with its attacks, and avoid the brunt of Toriko's 18-Hit Nail Punch by moving with the force of the attack.[3]

Twin Kugi Punch on Wisdom Panda

The Hannya Panda defeated.

After a difficult fight, Toriko manages to defeat it with a 36-Hit Twin Nail Punch, using his intuition to prevent the Hannya Panda from predicting his attacks. Komatsu cooks the ingredient by steaming it so that the ingredient wouldn't lose its vitamin B1 and other high nutrient content so to help heal Toriko afterwards by relieving fatigue.[4] The Hannya Panda is the biggest hit in Livebearer's Gourmet Tasting Card Deck: worth a massive 250 points. As the Hannya Panda is also one of the two Joker Ingredients (due to the beast's dangerous level of skill), Coco takes advantage and invokes it to trade Summer Whiskey for Garlic Crab[3] as part of his plan to defeat Livebearer.[5]


In the video game series, the Hannya Panda is shown to have a variety of different subspecies:

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet MonstersEdit

The Hannya Panda appears in the 3DS game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters as one of the many tamable enemy beasts in the game.

Toriko: Ultimate SurvivalEdit

The Hannya Panda appears in the 3DS game Toriko: Ultimate Survival as one of the many enemies that can be encountered on Four Seasons Island. It is a powerful enemy whose meat can also be used to prepare high-level dishes.



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