Japanese はらわた
Romanized Harawata
Location Unknown
Affiliation Kopuriko
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 212 (mentioned)
Anime Episode 126 (mentioned)
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Harawata (はらわた, Harawata) is a Bizarre Food Cuisine restaurant specializing in the the art of Bizarre Cooking. The restaurant's owner and head chef is the "Bizarre Food Queen" Kopuriko, one of the top 100 chefs in the world.


Kopuriko's Hors D'oeuvre Deep Fried Devil Gecko

Deep Fried Devil Gecko

Known items on the menu:

  • Deep Fried Devil Gecko
  • Squirming Mega Maggot Soup
  • Sea Piranha Eaten Live
  • Long-Armed Goblin Right-Brain
  • Alien Golem Raw Liver
  • Spotted Tarantula Mud Salad
  • Centipede Sea Cucumber Innards Pudding
  • Sea Urchin Soft-Shelled Turtle Body Fluid


  • The restaurants’ name in Japanese means “Innards” or “Intestine”.

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