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Hatch Eps 49.png
Japanese ハッチ
Romanized Hatchi
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday August 21st
Status Deceased
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Journalist;
Gourmet Hunter (retired)
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 111
Anime Debut Episode 49
Japanese Voice Koike Kenichi
English Voice Greg Dulcie
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Hatch was a professional journalist from long ago who was made famous for being the first man in history to reveal the truth about the horrors of Gourmet World, having done so almost 495 years ago.


Most of his body was not seen due to that he was covered in bandages during his public appearance. From what can be seen, he is a light-skinned and muscular man of average height with short brown hair, a mustache and a beard.


He considered the Gourmet World to be a true Hell on Earth due to its horrific environment and the fact that everyone that enters it dies. Having once been a gourmet hunter, it can be said that he was once a brave individual.

Powers and Abilities[]

Before becoming a journalist, he was a first-class gourmet hunter. He was also a qualified meteorologist and an expert in ocean navigation, however, he was still unable to comprehend the stormy seas and skies as well as the weather of Gourmet World.



In the year 10 GA which took place 495 years ago, Hatch traveled to Gourmet World with a certain Gourmet Hunter for research. He was saved by him and somehow was able to escape death and make it back to the Human World. In an interview, he says that Gourmet World is hell. All over the world, his interview took people's breath away. He explains how the seas, skies and beasts were like in the Gourmet World. After his interview, the IGO put barriers in various places to separate the Human World from Gourmet World, making the whole Gourmet World a danger zone.



  • His voice actor also voices Glass.


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