Mushroom  Heat Planet  Sushi
Heat Planet. Eps 50
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Japanese ヒートプラネット
Romanized Hītopuranetto
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Type Plant
Capture Level Unknown
Location Underground Forest (Area 7)
Height 30m
Price Unknown
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 112
Anime Episode 50
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Heat Planet is a strange planet-like plant with its own gravitational pull that grows above a small desert area within the Underground Forest in Gourmet World.


Heat Planet Eps 50

The Heat Planet's habitat.

It has a gravitational pull so strong it's in balance with the Earth's own gravity, so one can move freely in it's area. On the other hand, it releases a wave of heat so strong one can't get close without instantly dehydrating. The entire area surrounding Heat Planet resembles a small barren desert that is filled with large Missile Cacti whose needles will shoot out like missiles towards anyone who harms them.


The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

After Toriko enters the Gourmet World for the first time and painfully lands in Underground Forest, he is attacked by an Asura Tiger and a King Lander who knock him all the way to the small desert habitat of the Heat Planet, whose intense heat and gravity instantly dehydrate and immobilize Toriko. He tries to cut one of the Missile Cacti in the area for its cactus water, but when he does, he is shot by its needles and sent flying towards the habitat of a Fall Tree.


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