Heavy Drinker Archipelago
Japanese 酒豪諸島
Romanized Shugō Shotō
English Heavy Drinker Archipelago
Location Liquor Sea
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 176
Anime Episode 101
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The Heavy Drinker Archipelago (酒豪諸島 Shugō Shotō) resides at the center of the Liquor Sea in the Human World. Alcohol drinkers from around the world gather here, such as Mansam and Jiro, and some of them never leave the island. The islands of the Heavy Drinker Archipelago resemble different kinds of drinkware, like wine glasses and champagne stems. Because all the ingredients here are alcoholic, the island is prohibited to those below the age of 20. Even though it is a liquor paradise, a lot of ferocious drunk animals reside there, so people have to be careful not to get a hangover.


  • Drunken Frenzy Island
  • Champagne Island (シャンパン島 Shanpan-tō)
  • Cocktail Island (カクテル島 Kakuteru-tō)
  • Bacchus Island (バッカス島 Bakkasu-tō)

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  • The presence of ponds of liquor and edible trees may be a nod to the Japanese idiom (酒池肉林 Shuchi Nikurin, literally meaning "Wine Pools and Meat Forest") used to describe a huge banquet.

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