Heavy Hole
Japanese ヘビーホール
Romanized Hebīhōru
English Heavy Hole
Location Melk Mountain
Affiliation Melk the First
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 117
Anime Episode 53
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Heavy Hole (ヘビーホール Hebīhōru) is a massive underground cave near Melk Mountain and is the deepest underground cave in the Human World. It boasts the highest danger level in the Human World due to its deadly gravity and having all manner of dangerous beasts with an average capture level of 50.

It is the place where Melk Stardust is mined and also the place where Melk the First was working on his last knife.


Heavy Hole

Heavy Hole's surface.

Heavy Hole from the surface appears as a deep canyon where light seems to disappear in this practically bottomless pit that is about ten thousand meters deep. Heavy Hole itself is located about 30 kilometers north of Melk Mountain; however it is classified as a part of Melk Mountain. The effects of the Earth's gravity are very strong here due to Heavy Hole having its own special magnetic field, which also heavily alters its air pressure in its lower levels. The lower levels of Heavy Hole are completely devoid of sunlight; however the caves below are not completely dark thanks to the presence of Shine Rocks and Melk Stardust which create a decent amount of light within Heavy Hole.

Heavy Hole inside
Heavy Hole inside


Heavy Hole hosts many powerful creatures of above capture level 40 and are all extremely dangerous. Melk the First also has a temporary dwelling here but is powerful enough to be considered the dominant lifeform within the cave.



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