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IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese ヘビークリフ
Romanized Hebīkurifu
English Heavycliff
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mammal
Capture Level 30
Height 12m
Weight 10t
Price Unknown, probably very high
Habitat Regal Wall (1st Biotope)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 39
Anime Episode 12
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Heavycliff (ヘビークリフ Hebīkurifu) is a massive rodent species that resides within the Regal Wall at the entrance to the Regal Highlands.


Heavycliffs are black skinned beasts whose bodies are covered in thick yellow veins. They have bright red eyes and sharp prominent teeth and despite their primate-like physique they are in fact rodents.

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They won't attack unless threatened, but the moment they sense danger, they'll swarm in masses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


A Heavycliff in its defensive mode.

A Heavy Cliff's body is highly malleable, allowing it to harden its flesh, and it will implement such tricks while fighting. Even on an island like Regal Isle, full of formidable beasts, they say a Heavy Cliff can hold its own. They are highly intelligent and have a good battle instinct, as shown when they avoided being crushed by the Regal Mammoth by curling and hardening their bodies.

As FoodEdit

Though at first glance they appear to be inedible, their meat is actually soft and marshmallow-like and a rare delicacy with a sweet meaty taste.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

As Sunny and Komatsu made their way up the Regal Wall, they came face to face with several Heavycliffs who made their nests in the holes along the steep Regal Wall. The two tried to proceeded with caution as not to upset the beasts but their attempts proved futile when they saw the gigantic Regal Mammoth falling down the side of the mountain, which provoked the Heavycliffs into attack, forcing Sunny to attack them while he and Komatsu quickly made their way down the mountain while avoiding the Heavycliffs. Upon reaching the surface, they encountered Toriko and Rin who had made a hole in the ground in which to avoid the fall of the Regal Mammoth, and thanks to Sunny's hair the hole was able to withstand the impact of the mammoth. However, the Heavycliffs had also survived being crushed by the mammoth thanks to their durable bodies and they proceeded to attack the group. Luckily the Heavycliffs were paralyzed by Coco who had just arrived to aid his friends, having predicted that great danger would befall them.


In the video game series, the Heavy Cliffs are shown to have a variety of different subspecies:

  • Ogre Cliff (オーガクリフ Ōgakurifu)
  • Metal Cliff (メタルクリフ Metarukurifu)
  • Desert Cliff (デザートクリフ Dezātokurifu)
  • Crystal Cliff (クリスタルクリフ Kurisutarukurifu)

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