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Hell Kong
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Japanese ヘルコング
Romanized Heru Kongu
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Type Demon
Capture Level 500
Diet Air Fruit
Habitat Slow Rain Hills
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 289
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The Hell Kong (ヘルコング Heru Kongu) are a species of demonic apes that live in the Slow Rain Hills of Area 8.


They are large monstrous apes with white fur and dark skin, and they have many horns emerging from their heads and bodies in many different places. They also have pointy ears, sharp claws and fangs. They have long whip like tails with a tuft of fur and spikes on the tip.


Hell Kongs are ferocious primates that hunt in packs for food and will fight anything that gets in their way. They reside near the Giant Air Tree in Slow Rain Hills, likely indicating that the species has a liking for Air Fruits or the large amount of air in the area.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having a Capture Level of 500, these beasts are incredibly strong and have one of the highest know capture levels in Area 8 and can survive in its rough environment. Hell Kongs are fully capable of surviving in Slow Rain Hills despite its incredibly dense amount of air. They mainly attack in packs which makes them quite deadly.


AIR ArcEdit

Mappy vs Hell Kong

Hell Kong vs Mappy.

When Komatsu and his group began preparing AIR, Hell Kongs were able to sense that AIR was ripening and they made their way to its location and were prepared to fight the group to acquire AIR. Mappy then stepped in to stop the ferocious Hell Kongs using his raw strength to hold them back.


  • Hell Kongs are the work of a fan from Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

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