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Race Herac
Gender Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World
Occupation Future Ruler of Area 8
Personal Status
Relatives Heracles (mother)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 283
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Heracles' foal is the newborn foal of the mighty "Horse King" Heracles. The foal is born from Heracles after Komatsu successfully prepares the Food King, AIR. After many failed attempts of giving birth to a healthy foal, Heracles' foal is the first newborn foal in tens of thousands of years to ever revive the legend of Herac's Response and cross the Rainbow Bridges.


AIR ArcEdit


During the wild battle that occurred between the Horse King and the Heavenly King, Toriko's Blue Demon had sensed an intense change in composure within the Horse King. Despite looking calm in the situation, Heracles had been fully cautious and protective despite only receiving damage to her facial area. This is due to Heracles' Foal being still within Heracles during the fight. Unwilling to risk the death of her child, Heracles proceeded to execute Toriko in every possible manner.

However, just as Heracles is finally prepared to destroy Toriko completely, the Fresh Air from the Food King rushes towards the battlefield and Heracles took no chance of missing the opportunity for giving birth. When the Fresh Air finally releases across the continent, Heracles gives birth to her foal. Strong, full of health and standing mighty, Heracles' Foal finally proceeded cross the Rainbow Bridges and revive the old tradition. 

As the lights finally shine above the continents of Area 8, Heracles' Foal let its voice be heard across the world. From the continents where the rest of the Eight Kings reside, to even the very grounds of the Human World, Heracles' Foal fullfils the Herac's Response. Along with the Eight Kings and the humans, the ominous Blue Nitros as well as the the World's Strongest feel the Herac's Response as it happens across the entire world. 

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