Japanese へるスィー
Romanized Herusuī
Aliases "God of Health" (健康の神, Kenkō no Kami)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Go player
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 16
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Herusui (へるスィー, Herusuī) is an old man who is an avid Goplayer.


Herusui appears to be a middle-aged man with moderately long black hair, a black mustache and very large flared nostrils.


Herusui loves playing Go and plays and studies it almost regularly to hone his skills, sadly he can never properly remember the rules. He is also very alert.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite that he is an avid Go player, he always has trouble remembering the rules of the game. He is also considered a "God of Health", possibly indicating that he is in perfect physical condition for a man his age.


Puffer Whale ArcEdit

When Coco was approaching the Puffer Whales using Life Erase, Toriko compared it to a human who paid no mind to nearby animals which resulted in them letting down their guard. During this description, Herusui was seen in his home playing Go as a small bird entered his house, and the bird had completely let its guard down until Herusui noticed its presence.