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Hex Food Beast Knights
The current Hex Food Beast Knights
Japanese 妖食三獣士 (ようしょくさんじゅうし)
Romanized Yōshoku San Jū Shi
English Hex Food Beast Knights
Aliases Bewitching Food Beast Warriors
Affiliation Hex Food World
Base of Operations Hex Food World
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 282
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The Hex Food Beast Knights are three elite warriors that belong to the Hex Food World who represent it. This group includes Brunch the Chef, Dinner the Saiseiya and Nosh the Gourmet Hunter. Although the three are powerful warriors, Brunch appears to be a bit stronger than the other two as mentioned by Mappy. The former elite group was made up of Mappy, Takeshi and Nopekichi, and they are said to have been stronger in their prime than the current generation.


Hex Food Beast Knights
Tengu BuranchiMS.jpg NoshGC.png DinnerGC.png
Brunch Nosh Dinner
Previous Generation
MappyGC.png NopekichiGC.png TakeshiYokaiGC.png
Mappy Nopekichi Takeshi

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