Hex Food World
Japanese 妖食界
Romanized Yōshoku-kai
English Hex Food World
Location Area 8 (Gourmet World)
Affiliation Daruma Hermit (ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 279
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Hex Food World is a mysterious village within Gourmet World that is run by the charismatic chief the Daruma Hermit and it is the place of origin and home of Tengu Brunch. It is also one of the Seven Civilizations of the Gourmet World which still exists to this day in the Area 8 continent.[1][2]

It was first mentioned by Munageh during Cooking Fest when he introduced Brunch. The Hex Food World is home to a wide variety of creatures, ranging from Onis, Kappas, Cyclopes, Travel Frogs and many more who all live alongside one another peacefully, and they all appear to be quite strong to survive in the Gourmet World, however Brunch claims that no one from his hometown is as strong as "Knocking Master" Jiro. Tengu Brunch's restaurant, the Tengu Castle is also located here as well many other restaurants that specialize in Bizarre Cooking. [3][4]


Location on Golden Swamp

Area 8, the location of the Hex Food World.

The Hex Food World is located just to the north of Yutou Island in the Area 8's mainland. A huge cave is the entrance to the Hex Food World. The civilization might have built the mountainous cavern Hex Food World is in in order to get shelter from the various types of rain that fall on the Area 8 continent. Since the Hex Food World is nestled within a protected cavern and away from the Heavy Rain Region, it is spared from the devastating rains that fall in Area 8. From what is shown on Area 8's map, Hex Food World appears to encompass a rather large region of land despite being referred to as a village, being around half the size of Yutou Island and having enough space for other settlements within its land, such as the Kappa Valley, Oniga Village and Mt. Tengu.


The main village of Hex Food World is a medium-sized town with a tree at the far end of the town which perhaps houses the chief of the village. Being situated in a cave, lanterns are used as a source of luminance. The buildings in the town are mostly made from rocks and soil. Even the paths and steps are made from rocks and soil.


Hex Food World has a strong Japanese influence due to the culture of their human ancestors who once had a society quite similar to Feudal Japan. The clothing worn by the locals is strongly oriental, with many wearing kimonos and other articles of traditional Japanese clothing, however clothing seems to be optional among most residents, as many of the less humanoid residents wear little to no clothing at all. Like the residents of the Human World, the people of Hex Food World have a deep love and respect for food and see it as an important part of their day to day lives. The people of Hex Food World revere the mighty Heracles as a guardian deity as she has protected them from the Blue Nitro since ancient times. They greatly value Heracles' existence and are even willing to sacrifice themselves to ensure her continued survival. The people of Hex Food World are very friendly to outsiders and also have good relations with the Human World as shown by their Hex Food Exhibition in which they share the food and culture of their people with them.


In the Gourmet World, a barter system exists where one must trade ingredients for services and buying products and is also applied in the Hex Food World, however some stores do seem to accept the Human World "yen", showing that some do accept currency from humans. Hex Food World mainly deals in Bizarre Ingredients and unique equipment that cannot be obtained normally in the Human World, and the majority of its businesses consist of restaurants with stores that deal in rare goods and items being the second most common. Having such rare and worthwhile products, the citizens responsible for acquiring goods are likely very powerful as procuring even a single Gourmet World ingredient is a great achievement as the beasts capture level are very high. The citizens also happen to be very talented as one person flipped 2000 takoyaki balls in a second which is not possible for even a Food Honor user like Komatsu and another person managed to master the art of kitchen-knife making from Melk the First who visited the place a year and half ago. A shop also sold exceptional weapons and armor which even Coco took interest in. A shop also had 18+ only products. Most of the food served here contains eyeballs much to Sunny's disgust but Toriko claims them to be delicious.



The inhabitants of Hex Food World.

The citizens and animals of Hex Food World all resemble creatures from Japanese myth and folklore and many have very diverse and weird appearances, but despite appearances, they are all very friendly. Some of the races that live here, such as Kappas and Onis actually have their own distinct settlements where their kind prospers, but it seems that the many races prefer to live alongside one another likely due to their shared history, making Hex Food World a boiling pot of diversity.



The ancient ancestors of Hex Food World's denizens moments before being kidnapped and mutated.

The origin of the many monstrous inhabitants of the Hex Food World is directly related to the Nitro, as hundreds of thousands of years ago their ancestors were once ordinary humans with a Japanese-style culture who were kidnapped by the Blue Nitros' ancient Four Beasts and injected with Gourmet Cells in order to be used as slaves (and possibly as ingredients or fertilizer for Acacia's Full Course as well), however the cells failed to properly adapt to their bodies and they caused them to mutate greatly and thus they became monstrous-looking mutants. These mutants would eventually escape their enslavement and create their own society in the shadow of the ruler of Area 8, Heracles knowing that the Nitro would never dare to attack one of the Eight Kings. These mutant pioneers were then able to live peacefully and the descendants of these mutants would eventually become their own unique species and they became the inhabitants of Hex Food World.


Below is a list of the known individual inhabitants of Hex Food World:


Below is a list of the known species of races and animals that inhabit Hex Food World:

Undead and Other OdditiesEdit

A few citizens do not appear to be part of a species or living beings at all, appearing to be what can only be described as undead entities, such as animate skeletons, ghosts, mummies, Frankenstein-esque monsters, zombies or amorphous spirits, and it is unknown whether they are members of a species which resemble the dead or are actual undead beings, but considering the existence of the Amedama, the dead may have some sort of special connection with Hex Food World. This is made all the more apparent by individuals that appear to have stab wounds and arrows pierced into their bodies. There also several "living objects", such as paper lamps and umbrellas that appear to actually be alive and resemble the "Tsukumogami" (objects that come to life on their 100th year which are mentioned in Japanese folklore), however their true nature is uncertain. Also of note is the unusual presence of an actual "insectoid alien" residing in Hex Food World who, according to Mappy, is actually a member of a highly advanced species of cockroaches from the Red Planet.


  • The Hex Food World, due to the presence of creatures typical of the japanese folklore, may be based on the Kakurezato (hidden village), mythic villages hidden in the mountains and populated by youkai and demons and where time flows in a different manner, like in the myths of the Fairy Folk.


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