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Honey Prison
Honey prison.jpg
Japanese グルメ刑務所「ハニープリズン」
Romanized Gurume Keimusho "Hanīpurizun"
English Gourmet Prison "Honey Prison"
Location Death Season Forest
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO
Love (warden)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 126
Anime Episode 59
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Gourmet Prison "Honey Prison" (グルメ刑務所「ハニープリズン」 Gurume Keimusho "Hanīpurizun") is the largest land-based prison located in the Human World and is one of the Three Great Gourmet Prisons. It houses over 100,000,000 A-class criminals who violated the Eight Gourmet Laws. It hangs from a cliff behind the Gates of the Underworld and over Death Season Forest. The warden of the facility is named Love, and is able to tame the Execution Beasts that protect the prison by manipulation of pheromones. The prison is administered by the IGO Legal Affairs Bureau.


Honey Prison Staff
LoveMS.png OhbanMS.png ChupalyMS.png PricomMS.png Hedoroman.png
"Assistant Warden"
"Captain of the Guards"
Honey Prison Guards
Execution Beasts
ConvoysaurusMS.png GrowsaurusMS.jpg Ore-ArmoredMS.png GoresaurusMS.png FlyerFiendMS.png
Convoysaurus Growsaurus Ore-Armored Fang Pig Lizardsaurus Batsaurus
ExecutionCrocMS.png TurtleExecutionBeast.png RhinoExecutionBeast.png
Crocsaurus Unknown Unknown

Warden: Love[]

The warden of the Gourmet Prison "Honey Prison", she is a very small old woman who wears a bee costume. She is feared by all the prisoners and guards in Honey Prison and she has trained and tamed several extremely powerful beasts. Love is able to freely control her pheromones, to do things like attract the opposite sex to taming the Execution Beasts found in the prison. However, the only person her pheromones appears to not affect is Zebra, whom she has fallen in love with. In order to allow Zebra to be discharged from prison, she stipulates that he must capture 500 high-level gourmet criminals and discover 100 new ingredients.

Assistant Warden: Ohban[]

The assistant warden at Honey Prison, an extremely large man with red skin, fangs, as well as stitches and bolts covering his face. He has the appearance of typical portrayals of the devil.

Receptionist: Chupali[]

The receptionist at Honey Prison, a large man with a large beard, black teeth, and a large hat that obscures his eyes. He has the appearance of typical portrayals of Enma.

Captain of the Guards: Pricom[]

The captain of the guard at Honey Prison, a gourmet prison under the management of the Judicial Affairs Bureau. He has an eye patch, several scars, and gold teeth as well as a unique hairstyle that is half afro, half straight, with the top of his head being bald.

Honey Prison Guards[]

The guards that oversee Honey Prison all wear a standard green uniform and cap, and they carry rifles with them at all times. They all appear to be ordinary humans and do not seem to be as numerous as the Execution Beasts within the prison.

Execution Beasts[]

Beasts that have been tamed by Warden Love using her pheromones to act as powerful and fearsome guards within the prison that help to keep prisoners in their place and are also responsible for the execution of prisoners who have been sentenced to death. All manner of powerful beasts with high capture levels serve as Execution Beasts and their strength is ranked in alphabetical classes. The Execution Beasts are made up the following species: Convoysaurus, Growsaurus, Ore-Armored Fang Pig, Lizardsaurus, Batsaurus, Crocsaurus and an unknown species of tortoise and rhinoceros.


The brutal environment surrounding Honey Prison, Death Season Forest.

It is shown that the prisoners are delivered on Capture level 61 Convoysaurus. The pathway between the Gates of the Underworld and Honey Prison crosses over 12 bridges and checkpoints, each of which are guarded by Rank-A Execution Beasts and require the proper Gourmet ID.

It is the largest of the three great gourmet prisons. Like the other two prisons, prisoners assigned here were given life sentences with no possibility of parole. Heavenly King Zebra has been the only exception.

The area around Honey Prison is known for its extreme climate and seasons, which are detailed in the following clip.

Food Theft Full Course[]

The prison operates under the philosophy that in a world where to eat is the greatest joy, to not eat is the greatest sorrow. This is represented by the numerous levels of the prison, each with its own unique food depriving punishment to make the criminals feel true pain and the deeper the level is the more cruel the punishment is. It is possible for a prisoner to head down a level, but not possible for him or her to go up a level. When going down a level it can be of their own choosing as well. The following levels are:


Inmates will have their favorite foods taken away from them and will be unable to experience the taste of their favorite foods. The entrance is through Menu IV, which prepares a "food theft full course" for those who have greedily devoured food in public.


Inmates are fed soups with unbelievable stenches and irregularly horrible tastes.


Inmates get absolutely no food.


Inmates get no food or water.


Execution or solitary confinement. It should be noted that Zebra was able to feed himself by killing and eating the beasts used to execute him; whether or not this applies to any prisoner or is a special privilege delegated to Zebra in lieu of training is unknown.


Inmates are cut.


Inmates are boiled.


Inmates are burned. After which, if for some reason or other that they still live, they are dropped outside of the prison to be destroyed by one of the four seasons, or to be devoured by the multitudes of ferocious Execution Beasts.

Known Prisoners[]

Honey Prison Inmates
NorisukeGC.jpg RickGC.jpg BaidanMS.png JoymalMS.png ZebraGC.jpg
Norisuke Rick Baidan Joymal Zebra (released)
Child Nitro (released)


Honey Prison Eps 59.png
Detailed interior of Honey Prison (Anime)
Honey prison.png
Detailed interior of Honey Prison (Manga)
Honey Prison.jpg
Honey Prison (manga)
Honey Prison Winter.jpg
Honey Prison during the Freeze Season's calm

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