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Horsetail Cinnamon Sticks
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Japanese ツクシナモン
Romanized Tsukushinamon
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Type Plant
Location Regal Plateau,
Regal Mammoth
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 15
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Horsetail Cinnamon Sticks (ツクシナモン Tsukshinamon) are a species of vascular plant which grow in Regal Plateau as well as the inside of the Regal Mammoth's body.


Unlike regular horsetail plants, Horsetail Cinnamon Sticks have the sweet taste of cinnamon which can be used to make a delicious spice and when combined with Parmesansho Fruit, using the Gourmet Spicer, it can be made into an even more delicious spice that when added to Marbled Pig meat greatly accents its taste. They can easily take up root inside of the Regal Mammoth thanks to its unique inner ecosystem.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Komatsu found several of these plants while traveling inside the Regal Mammoth and later used them to enhance the taste of some Marbled Pig at Hotel Gourmet.