Hotel Gourmet
Hotel Gourmet Eps 44
Japanese ホテルグルメ
Romanized Hoteru Gurume
Location City near the World Kitchen
Affiliation Ico igo IGO,
Smith (manager),
Komatsu (head chef)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 3
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Hotel Gourmet is a ten-star hotel (initially a five-star hotel) that is affiliated with the IGO, with the Restaurant Gourmet at the top, at which Komatsu is the head chef. It is implied that they have a very high reputation, as the IGO business bureau director, Uumen Umeda, chose it as the IGO's meeting place. After Komatsu made the Century Soup, the rating went from five stars to six. The Century Soup is considered the top item on the hotel's menu and hundreds of people every day make reservations to eat it. The building is shaped like plates which are stacked one over other.

By the end of the God Arc, the hotel has been promoted to a ten-star hotel.

Private TerraceEdit


Hotel Gourmet's private terrace.

Hotel Gourmet has a small private terrace that is directly supervised by the IGO. It is a small one story complex with some luxury accommodations, such as a large pool, a wide patio, a gazebo and plenty of tropical foliage surrounding the property. Komatsu and his pet Wall Penguin, Yun, are the only ones seen using it.

The main building is pink in color while the gazebo has gold coloring, a purple roof and a stone floor. The gazebo also works as an outdoor kitchen. Not much of the interior is seen but the doors appear to be made of glass.

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