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Komatsu, a short male Human (left) and Melk, a tall female Human (right).
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Japanese にんげん・人間
Romanized Ningen
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Type Mammal
Capture Level Possibly Below 1 (varies with stronger individuals)
Height Varies
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Human World
Related Goro Tribe,
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Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
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Humans are the native and dominant inhabitants of the small area of the planet known as the Human World. Humans are an enthusiastic race of gourmets with a deep love and appreciation for food and their entire society, culture and their technology revolves around the blessings of food.

The total number of humans on the planet was 31.2 billion prior to the fall of the Meteor Spice where over 80% of the population was injured by it, as such the current population total is unknown but it is known that the number of casualties was kept to a minimum.


Humans are much like their real world counterparts, however appearances can vary far more greatly than in our world, with some humans having exaggerated facial features (such as large nostrils or noses, oddly shaped heads or eyes, multicolored hair, sharp black teeth, no visible noses, or even eyes with black scleras and white pupils).

Humans come in a variety of heights, with the majority of humans being of incredibly short stature no taller than 3 or 5 ft while a few others can be of heights around 6 to 8 ft, and some can also be ridiculously tall or even be of gigantic proportions.

Human appearance and height can also be greatly altered with the use of Gourmet Cells, and may even bestow monstrous traits on users if the cells fail adapt properly, to the point where they may not even look human anymore. Some humans can also possess multiple arms thanks to unique physical transplants and other unknown methods.


Love, a very short human (3'2") with Ohban (7'4"), Toriko (7'2"), and Komatsu (5'0").
Livebearer after eating the Meteor Garlic ep96
Livebearer, a very tall human (8'5").
Alfaro, an example of a human with multiple arms.
Triathlon Cooking starts
A large assortment of human chefs with very varied appearances and sizes.

Behavior and Culture

Human society completely revolves around food, so much so that it seems to be an almost dominant trait in all humans and it is even prevalent in human architecture, entertainment and culture. Throughout history, humans have put much value on food and ingredients, valuing them and all things related to food more than the most priceless materials. As such they have even established strict laws against food-related crimes which can be met with harsh punishment.

However this love of food has caused human society to fight over ingredients, even causing a full scale world war over the matter that nearly led to the Human World's destruction (although to be fair the cause of this war was also due to a severe food shortage). Even during the many centuries of peace after the Gourmet War, battles over food are still prevalent and powerful criminal organizations, known as the Gourmet Corp. and NEO were formed to take control of the world's food supply while not caring of the greater consequences that would follow due to their actions.


Humans have been shown to posses technology that far exceeds that of our world, showing an incredible level of advancement in technology and science. Having created advanced robotics, cloning, genetic manipulation, powerful laser weapons and even interstellar space travel. Most technology and science focuses on the study and improvement of ingredients, with much biological research going into the alteration of animals and ingredients to improve their flavor, and machines made to better prepare and harvest ingredients.

Human weaponry is highly advanced, creating powerful robots known as GT Robos capable of devastating attack power that can be used in field work in areas normally inhospitable to humans due to dangerous beasts or environments, and as mentioned before humans have created powerful laser weapons capable of devastating destruction to defend against powerful Gourmet World beasts, however even their most advanced weapons (as devastating as they are) prove to be no match against the horrific beasts of Gourmet World.

Religion and Philosophy

Toriko and Komatsu reaching Gourmet Shrine

The Gourmet Temple, one of the holiest places in the Human World.

Food is viewed as sacred and it is an important part of life in the Human World. It seems customary to say "Itadakimasu" before eating and "Gochisousama Deshita" after eating as a way of giving thanks to the Ingredients of the world. The Gourmet God Acacia is worshiped and idolized by the people of the Human World because of the fact that he used ingredients to stop a devastating global war 500 years ago. He is most responsible for bringing the world into the wondrous Gourmet Age and discovered many of the world's ingredients, including the mystical and phantasmal holy ingredient known as "GOD". There is also a place known as the Gourmet Temple which houses a golden statue dedicated to Acacia where worshipers gather everyday to pay their respects and pray. Food Etiquette is a customary and philosophical doctrine that is adhered to by many people and teaches the value and understanding of food. Their is also a belief in "Food Luck" which usually refers to the luck or fortune one can have with food in their daily life.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Humans are a seemingly weak species when compared to wild beasts or the denizens of Gourmet World, but humans that are infused with Gourmet Cells will gain abilities and strength far above those of normal humans which allows them to match or surpass the strengths of wild beasts, however Gourmet Cells may have their limits depending on their hosts and not everyone can be infused with Gourmet Cells as there are usually lethal risks involved. However what humans lack in strength, they make up for with advanced technology and powerful weapons, but sadly even their most advanced weapons are ineffective against Gourmet World beasts, and even beasts with capture levels below 100 prove to be too much for human weaponry at times.

Also of note is that certain unique types of humans are actually "born" with Gourmet Cells and have the potential to be some of the strongest fighters in the world, with individuals such as Ichiryu, Jiro and Midora having powers so great that they could potentially destroy the world. However these rare types of humans are apparently incredibly rare and it is unknown what causes them to be born with Gourmet Cells.

As Food

In the natural world, even "humans" make fine ingredients don't they?

—A Gourmet Casino staff member


The sinister half of the human Gourmet Age.

As sinister as it sounds, Humans were used as ingredients by the Underground Cooking World, showing hints of cannibalism within shadier parts of the underworld. The only known place to acquire Human ingredients is in the Jidar Kingdom's black market and Gourmet Casino, however after Jidar's reformation under the Gourmet Yakuza and the reformed Livebearer, it is unknown if Jidar still handles Human ingredients.[2]

Humans were also used as a food source by ancient Nitro thousands of years ago and could apparently be prepared into a wide assortment of dishes that they wrote down in a special cookbook long ago.
Gourmet Casino Underground Vip Area

Human memories.

Humans are also regularly attacked or eaten by wild beasts, but none is more notable than the Four Beast whose diet consisted solely of humans.[3]

Humans with developed Gourmet Cells are known to possess healing properties in their flesh, and the more advanced the cells are, the more their flesh can heal, as shown when the Blue Nitro, PAIR was healed from his near-fatal injuries by eating part of Acacia's body, who had incredibly advanced cells.

Human memories are also valued greatly due to their wealth of Taste Data, which can be extracted with the use of specialized machines, and some may even consider absorbing human memories as a form of lustful pleasure.


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Ancient humans using Jewel Meat as a proposal gift.

Humans have inhabited the Human World since ancient times and during the earliest known point of their civilization they had a primitive caveman-like society and it was customary for men to propose to women using high-quality ingredients such as the Jewel Meat of the Regal Mammoth. The Jewel Meat was also valued as a great food treasure by ancient man.

Nitro Civilization

Thousands of years ago, the Nitro (an advanced and intelligent race of creatures from Gourmet World) established a great civilization in the Human World, and it was during this time that they discovered humans and began using them as specially prepared ingredients and creating recipes from them which were written down in a special cookbook in their own language. Whether they hunted or bred humans remains unknown. At an unknown point though, the Nitros' rule over humanity ended and their civilization faded into legends.

Gourmet War

Five-hundred years ago, a brutal global war had begun in the Human World in a struggle to gain control over the world's food resources after the discovery of the taste and body-enhancing Gourmet Cells, causing immense destruction and countless deaths as the war spanned for 100 years. However it all came to an end when the legendary "Bishokushin" Acacia appeared and served the holy dish GOD to all the world leaders in the world, enlightening them and ushering in a new era of peace.

Gourmet Age

After the war had ended, all the world's nations came together and founded the IGO in hopes of increasing food production and distribution world wide, this also began an era focused entirely on gourmet ingredients and a love for food which would be forever known as the "Gourmet Age".

Meteor Spice


Humanity's darkest hour.

The Gourmet Age humanity had come to adore came to an end after the devastating attack by the Gourmet Corp. boss Midora, who unleashed a mighty Meteor Spice that destroyed much of the Human World and wounded over 80% of the population. This resulted in a great depression for humanity where the world faced severe food shortages while trying to maintain stability. The loss of resources resulted in food being replaced by Food Tablets in order to ensure human survival.

Revival of the Human World

After the return of the bishokuya Toriko and chef Komatsu from their year and a half venture within Gourmet World, they unleashed a Rain of Food which spread food to all corners of the Human World. After the two reunited with the other members of the Four Heavenly Kings, they proceeded to revive the main dish of their master Ichiryu's Full Course, the Billion Bird which produced an infinite resource of ingredients for all of humanity, ensuring the restoration of the Gourmet Age as well as producing resources for saiseiyas to begin reviving many of the ecosystems, ingredients and beasts that were lost because of the Meteor Spice.

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