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Japanese ハングリラ鳥 (はんぐりらどり)
Romanized Hanguriradori
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Type Bird
Capture Level 3
Habitat Hungry-la Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Episode 1
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The Hungry-la Bird is a species exclusively found in the Toriko x One Piece Crossover. It is a large four-legged winged beast and according to ancient text it is the prize ingredient of Hungry-la Island. However this is actually a misconception as the kanji in the text used to write "island" and "bird" look awfully similar and in reality it's the Hungry-la Island which is the prize ingredient.


The Hungry-la Bird is shown to be an aggressive beast, repeatedly swooping down and attacking people without provocation. It is a voracious eater evident by how it could pick clean large sections of vegetation and leaving barren plains despite the fast growth rate of plants on Hungry-la Island.


Hungry-la Birds are shown to have considerable strength as the one encountered by Toriko and Luffy's crew could easily fly even with its "iron feathers" which also serve as a powerful defense against attacks, the flapping from its wings can also generate powerful winds to batter opponents.

As FoodEdit

Its meat is delicious and crispy like high-quality waygu beef with a fat content comparable to ootoro sushi and can be used to make excellent soup stock but it hardly qualifies to be of legendary status.


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